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Why am I from Spirit Hall, and you from Clear Sky School?
— Hu Liena

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She isn’t particularly beautiful at first glance, but when observed carefully, one could sense a kind of peculiar charm from her. She has long black hair. She also has a rough voice, that exudes charm.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hu Liena is smart and very confident. She is determined and is willing to face dangerous obstacles in order to be stronger.

History[edit | edit source]

Hu Liena and her brother were orphans who were taken in by Spirit Hall to be educated as Spirit Masters. They were given many facilities in order to develop in to formidable Spirit Masters. At her coming of age ceremony she promised herself that she will devote her life in the service of Spirit Hall.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[edit | edit source]

Hu Liena appears in the match against Heaven Dou Imperial Academy's Emperor Team. At the beginning of the match she immediately forms a Spirit Fusion with Xie Yue called Charm Demon. They completely annihilates the opposing team by themselves in order to display the power of the Spirit Hall Academy.

At the start of the match against Shrek Academy, she uses her charm ability to confuse the opponent but the Shrek Seven Devils block against it by shutting their eyes and plugging their ears.

Then she forms the Spirit Fusion, Charm Demon with Xie Yue allowing him to control the fusion ability and battle against Tang San.

After the Spirit Fusion is dissolved, she is attacked by Tang San's final attack using the shattered Eight Spider Lances. She manages to block some of it but it still grazes her causing the poison within them to invade into her, causing her to immediately cultivate in order to suppress the poison. This results in Spirit Hall conceding the match. The poison is then removed by Tang San.

Slaughter City[edit | edit source]

Almost a year following the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Hu Liena approaches Bibi Dong, stating she wants to train in the Slaughter City in order to become a formidable existence and be able to defeat Tang San. Prior to her departure, Bibi Dong hands her a Skull Bone and tells her not to engage with Tang San if she were to meet him, since she would be unable to defeat him.

Hell Slaughter Arena[edit | edit source]

Having arrived at Slaughter City, in a year she had obtained 16 victories. She encounters Tang San on his first day of entering Slaughter CIty and not having recognized him due to his change of appearance helps him in disposing an assassin who attacked him.

In her following year she had risen in the Hell Slaughter Arena with a record of 72 wins and was dubbed the name of Hell Emissary. She was fascinated by Tang San and watched almost all his matches, trying to discern his true nature but being unable to do so. She thus falls in love with him.

When she reaches 99 victories she appears at Tang San's dwelling in the Slaughter City to ask for an alliance for when they travel in the Hell Road. Hu Liena reveals her origins and states the benefits that can be obtained from passing through the Hell Road. When Tang San reveals that the Bloody Mary causes a poisonous effect to the body and gives her a pill to neutralize it, she takes it without hesitating, stating that she believes him.

Hell Road[edit | edit source]

Hu Liena rejects the Slaughter King's offer of being made a Deathgod after reaching 100 victories without having to travel the Hell Road and embarks on it along with Tang San. She forms an alliance with him in order to maximize their chances of survival. After the Hell Road is opened, she is almost consumed by the killing intent but is saved by Tang San who helps to normalize her mind.

When Tang San suggests that they stick close together with something like a rope connecting them together, Hu Liena strips her clothes, shredding them in order to make one. She is somewhat embarrassed when Tang San states only one person's clothes are enough and is a bit happy about the effect her alluring body has on Tang San. Connected by the rope made of cloth, they travel through the Hell Road, with Tang San in the front.

They encounter a Dark Golden Three Headed Bat King, which attacks them. Hu Liena is shocked to discover Tang San's Innate Domain. She and Tang San work together in order to destroy the Dark Golden Three Headed Bat and the countless minion bats. With Hu Liena's help Tang San manages to destroy all its heads, thus killing it. They also encounter a Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent, which is killed by Tang San.

Going further in the Hell Road causes the Killing Intent within them to surge uncontrollably, along with the atmospheric temperature. Hu Liena, who is about to lose herself to the surging within her, trusts her life to Tang San, urging him to knock her out. She injures herself trying to stay conscious and then is knocked out by Tang San.

She wakes up following the completion of Hell Road having gained the Deathgod Domain. After Tang San wakes up, she hugs him asking why they had to be from enemy clans. She cries of heartache as he leaves. She then meets with Gui Mei and Yue Guan who takes her back to Spirit Hall.

Spirit City[edit | edit source]

Hu Liena is elected Bibi Dong's succesor for the next Supreme Pontiff. She struggles to contain her excitement when Bibi Dong announces for the capture of Xiao Wu. Even though her master will absorb Xiao Wu's ring, Xiao Wu's spirit bone will be Hu Liena's. Not only will she get a 100,000 year old spirit bone, she wants to grasp the opportunity for revenge against the Shrek Seven Devils especially Tang San for the humiliation she suffered.

Star Dou Forest[edit | edit source]

Hu Liena along with a team of Spirit Masters arrive at the Star Dou Forest. When she feels the presence of Tang San's Deathgod Domain, she immediately stops the attack on him by Spirit Masters of Spirit Hall. She is over joyed in seeing him and questions his reason to be in Star Dou Forest. After Tang San is attacked by Yan she blocks, confronts and threatens him and calls him a coward for mounting a sneak attack.

She is encouraged by Gui Mei to convince Tang San into joining Spirit Hall in order to gain more information about the Clear Sky Clan's current internal situation and their exact whereabouts. On seeing Tang San suddenly injured by powerful spirit force she becomes greatly worried and immediately proceeds to infuse her spirit force into him. After being assured on Tang San's safety by Xie Yue, she follows the party into the centre of Star Dou Forest. Shocked on realising Tang San's true identity she is confused on what to do as the person she loved turned out to be the person she hated most. On seeing Xiao Wu sacrfice herself for Tang San, Hu Liena watches knowing that she cannot compare herself to Xiao Wu as she is unable to sacrifice herself for lover.

After arriving back at Spirit City, she asks for forgiveness from Bibi Dong despite objections from her brother, Yan, Yue Guan and Gui Mei. She is then slapped flying by Bibi Dong and berated for not being able to distinguish friends and enemies. She then accepts Bibi Dong's punishment.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You still have me!
— Hu Liena

Differences in the Manhua[edit | edit source]

  • In the Manhua she forms a 3 person Spirit Fusion called Devil Monster while battling against Shrek Academy.
  • In the Manhua she doesn't like Tang San.

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