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Huo Wu

Huo Wu 2

Fire Shadow

Huo Wu Anime

Name Huo Wu
Chinese 火舞
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 1.80m
Hair Color Brown (Manhua)

Red (Light Novel/Anime)

Eye Color Gold (Manhua)

Red (Light Novel/Anime)

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Huo Wushuang (Brother)
Spirit Fire Shadow
Spirit Rank Spirit King - Rank 54
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
1 Black

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Blazing Academy

Shrek Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 100
Manhua Debut Chapter 94

Appearance Edit

She is an extremely beautiful woman. She is very tall and has a well shaped body. She has deep red waves of long hair hanging down to her waist, a fair face with exquisite facial features, a pair of big eyes faintly flickering with silvery light.

In the Manhua, Huo Wu is a tall young woman in an orange and black school uniform. Her dark brown hair is nearly to her knees, with long bangs framing her face and an orange streak on the left, with a tasseled hair clip matching her uniform. She has gold eyes.

Personality Edit

She is an extremely prideful, arrogant, and haughty individual, due to her talent, appearance, strength and background. She tends to hold petty grudges. She has quite the temper, often throwing temper-tantrums from the littlest of insults, prodding, or, most often, remembering the fact that Shrek Academy decimated her in the tournament. Doesn't seem to learn or grow from her losses, as shown after the five year time skip where she hasn't matured at all from her loss at the hands of Tang San, if anything she got more temperamental due to the humiliation she suffered during the tournament, angrily declaring she's going to snatch away Shrek Academy when her own was seized by Spirit Hall, only to be on the receiving end of a one sided massacre courtesy of Ma Hongjun and (yet again) Tang San. She'll most likely never grow up mentally.

Plot Edit

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Qualifiers Edit

She waits patiently during their fight against the Shrek Academy and uses her 3rd Spirit Ring ability when Huo Wushuang is pulled into Tang San's trap attack. She disperses all the other opponents except for Tang San, pulling him into a fight against 4 members of the Blazing Academy. When Tang San successfully escapes the situation she uses her 3rd Spirit Ring ability again to separate the two teams.

Huo Wu 9

Then she uses her 4th Spirit Ring ability, the power amplified by the auxiliary

Spirit Masters against Tang San who comes up to meet her attack. She is confident that her attack will succeed but is shocked when Tang San withstands it and defeats her instead. She is forced to concede and does so with a heavy heart, anger boiling over her.

Following the fight against Shrek Academy when Feng Xiaotian comes to console them saying they'll take revenge for them, she confronts him about his feelings for her and promises to date him if he manages to defeat Tang San.

Before Shrek Academy's match against the Blue Sunshine Academy, she sees Tang San and becomes infuriated seeing him with one more Spirit Ancestor for the fight against Blue Sunshine Academy than which was played against her team. She deliberately stumbles bumping into Tang San, who subconsciously neutralizes her force and sends her tumbling.

Following the end of the tournament she confronts Tang San and asks her to have a physical fight without the use of Spirits. Tang San refuses and as he is about to leave, Huo Wu unable to contain her anger tries to hit him to which Tang San reacts and in a matter of seconds, sends her flying to the arms of her brother and leaves her furious.

Ranking Competition Edit

In the first match of the second round of Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament against the Fabia Academy she defeats 4 opponents successively and afterwards gazes and points at Tang San issuing a challenge.

Tang San vs Huo Wu

During the fight against the Shrek Academy she appears last and encounters Tang San who has a winning streak of 6. She uses her 3rd Spirit Ring ability to push Tang San to the edge of the ring and then into the air and then unleashes a very powerful Ring Merging ability that locks on to Tang San with her whole spirit power. Tang San uses her as a shield in order to deviate the path of the condensed energy but seeing as it is out of her control, he uses his own body as a shield in order to save her and protect her life. She wins the match, but her heart is extremely confused and burdened as she knows he could have easily let her die instead. She concedes the next match and allows the Shrek Academy to have the victory.

Following Shrek Academy's fight against Botanic Academy, Huo Wu asks to speak alone with Tang San. She thinks he is secretly in love with her and that was the reason he saved her. She is flabbergasted when Tang San is impatient to talk with her and reveals that the reason why he saved her was to avoid future enmity between the academies. She then entwines her arms around Tang San and proceeds to kiss his lips to which Tang San immediately turns his head, and the kiss falls on his cheek. She reasons that since he saved her life and since she does not wish to owe anyone, she gave her first kiss to him which squares their debt.

Huo Wu 8

Finals Edit

On their way to Spirit City to take part in the finals, she talks with Feng Xiaotian to form a collaboration with the Godwind Academy to create a team from both academies in order to become stronger and defeat the others. She temporarily transfers her and her teammates to the Godwind Academy.

During the semi finals of the match, she and her teammates conspire with Spirit Hall against the Shrek Academy. When Tang San shows his disdain and contempt at it, she reasons it was all done in order to defeat Tang San.

Following the start of the team fight, Huo Wu, Feng Xiaotian along with two supporting Spirit Masters form a Spirit Fusion, allowing Feng Xiaotian to become very powerful and use his self made Spirit Ability. However they are defeated by Shrek Seven Devils's Spirit Fusion ability.

Shrek Academy Edit

She arrives at Shrek Academy along with the other members from the Four Elemental Academies to incite trouble. She wanting to fight against Tang San, teams up with Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wushuang. She is immensely shocked when Tang San reveals his 100,000 year Spirit Ring. The three of them try their best to defeat Tang San but ends up being defeated quite easily in the process.

She then accompanies Feng Xiaotian to discuss the reasons and requirements of Four Element Academies for having arrived at the Shrek Academy. She is enraged when Tang San flat out rejects them taking over the academy, but allows them to join as members of Shrek along with the other Four Element Academies.

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