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"With the Skydream Iceworm, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, the gray elder, and himself… there were now enough people to set up a mahjong table in his spiritual sea. It would be really lively in his spiritual sea!"
— Huo Yuhao[1]

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He is the main protagonist of soul land 2, He has a moderately well-shaped stature. He has short black hair (blue in the manhua) neat and tidy, his small and handsome face revealing an unswerving determination, far exceeding what a person his age should be able to muster.

When Yuhao went through his second Awakening his eye colors changed from pure black (blue in manhua) to black and purple when he doesn't release his spirit essence and purple and gold when he releases his spirit essence

As a God, Huo Yuhao looks almost exactly like he was as a mortal, with the only major difference being his longer hair.


Huo Yuhao is a kind person, not hesitating to help others in need. He has a strong determination and works very hard towards achieving his goals. He is a bit distrustful of others since his past experiences. Sadly despite his kind nature, due to his past, he has become narrow-minded and filled with an inner hatred that blinds him if it is related to his past.



Huo Yuhao was born as the son of the Duke of the White Tiger Clan and his maid. Following the Duke's departure to the on-going war, the Duchess took over the reins of the manor and, being jealous and seeing Huo Yuhao as a threat to her children, secluded him and his mother in a shack making up stories that she contracted an infectious disease. This plus the malnourishment caused Huo Yuhao's mother, who already had a weak constitution, to fall sick and die when Huo Yuhao was 10 years old. He vowed to become a great Spirit Master and take revenge.

At the age of six, he awakened his spirit, an extremely rare variant body spirit known as Spirit Eyes. However, at the time of awakening, his Spirit Power was only at rank 1 and it took him 5 years to get to rank 10 which is 2 years more than what people usually take.



Huo Yuhao leaves the Duke's mansion taking up his mother's last name 'Huo', vowing to one day return as a powerful Spirit Master. He makes his way alone to the Star Dou Forest to get his first Spirit Ring. While he is camping and roasting fish, the good smell attracts Tang Ya and Beibei. He gives them some fish to eat and sets on his way to the Star Dou Forest.

Huo Yuhao Meeting Daydream.jpg

Near the outskirts of the Star Dou Forest, he is attacked by a Wind Baboon. He manages to kill it using the White Tiger Dagger. Shortly afterward appears an Ice Worm Spirit Beast named Daydream Iceworm, who condenses itself to become Huo Yuhao's 1st Spirit Ring and becomes a conscious Spirit Ring existence within Huo Yuhao. Daydream reveals that he is a 1,000,000-year-old Spirit Beast who had been searching for a mental attribute human being so that he can become a Spirit Ring and take revenge on all the Spirit Beasts that harassed him.

Huo Yuhao wakes up with Tang Ya and Beibei surrounding him, worried about him. He is ecstatic he has obtained his 1st Spirit Ring. He is then invited by Tang Ya to join Tang Sect and also to become a student in Shrek Academy which he joyfully accepts.

Along with Tang Ya and Beibei, he arrives at the Star Dou Forest looking for a Spirit Ring for Tang Ya. They come across a Datura Snake suitable for Tang Ya's 3rd Spirit Ring. Beibei battles the Datura Snake and with Huo Yuhao's support with his spirit ability manages to subdue the Datura Snake. While Tang Ya absorbs the Ring, he instructs Huo Yuhao and also helps to clear his meridians. He imparts a lot of knowledge to Huo Yuhao while making their way back to the Shrek City to enter the Shrek Academy.

Freshman Class

After arriving at his assigned room, he cleans it thoroughly. The next day after having breakfast, he meets his new roommate Wang Dong who sets down some rules and rather rude towards him. Getting angry he immediately challenges Wang Dong to a fight who states he will defeat him without even using his Spirit. Yuhao manages to gain victory by using his Spirit Eyes and Tang Sect techniques. The next few days pass by with neither acknowledging the other despite being roommates and Yuhao intensely cultivating.

Yuhao arrives in class and after teacher Zhou Yi asks who had fought in the previous days, he stands up. He, along with the rest of the class is made to run 100 laps around the Shrek Plaza, but due to his poor Spirit Power, he falls behind. During the last 5 minutes, he is helped by Wang Dong, who carries him for the completion of the 12 laps that were remaining which sprouts a friendship between them.

After class he is asked by Zhou Yi to reveal his Spirit to him after which she takes him to the Spirit Guidance Test Area where he is introduced to Fan Yu and He Caitou. He quickly takes the opportunity to state that his Spirit Ability will grow with his increase in Spirit Power. Fan Yu asks him to return when its range reaches 100 meters.

In the afternoon class, he and his classmates are gathered by Zhou Yi in the Shrek Plaza and instructed to wear 30 kg armor and run for 2 hours until the class ends. He starts at a slow and steady pace and keeps going until he is the last person remaining standing. This motivates the other students and thus they stand and run alongside him. Due to his unwavering determination and resolution, Zhou Yi makes him the class president, stating no one will be expelled thanks to Yuhao. This causes the rest of the students to have a high appraisal of him and treat him as a hero.

Remembering he has an appointment with he hurries to his room after having a wash causing him to see an almost naked Wang Dong who quickly covers himself up.[7] This causes his heart to feel a little flustered but he quickly shakes himself and goes to meet with Tang Ya. He starts selling roasted fish which becomes extremely well received. He is approached by Jiang Nannan wishing for a fish, but having the last 2 fish reserved for Tang Ya, he doesn't sell them. This causes Xu Sanshi to lose his temper and attack him to take away the remaining fish. He is however stopped by Tang Ya and Beibei. Then Tang Ya takes Yuhao to the Spirit Battle Arena to witness the showdown between Beibei and Xu Sanshi. Yuhao helps Beibei to gain victory by successively using 3 abilities of his 1st Spirit Ring, causing him to overdraft his power and lose consciousness. He is taken back to the dormitory by Wang Dong and Tang Ya. Beibei makes Yuhao swallow the Mystic Water Pill he obtained from winning the bet.

The next morning when Yuhao wakes up, he is immensely surprised by the sudden changes that happened on his body, especially his Purple Demon Eyes cultivation. To confirm the sudden changes, he asks Wang Dong about it. With the use of a spirit guide device, they confirm that Yuhao's spirit power being increased by two levels coming to the peak of rank 12. Yuhao is then explained by Wang Dong about Mystic Water Pill and its effects.

Afterwords Yuhao treats Wang Dong to breakfast and Wang Dong suggests they go to the Sea God Lake to enjoy breakfast. Suddenly a person from the inner sect wearing a red mask approaches them in a state of madness and attacks them.[8] Just before they completely receive the attack, Daydream takes over Yuhao's body which had fallen into a state of unconsciousness and neutralizes the fire attack by using his ice attribute.

When Yuhao regains his consciousness he and Wang Dong are given Spirit Ascension Pills for the secrecy of what just occurred. As the white-clothed man leaves them, he asks Wang Dong about the pill. Wang Dong initially refuses to give more details to tease Yuhao and opens up at the promise of being treated for lunch. He receives another Mystic Water Pill from Tang Ya and then set off to sell fish. Afterward, he asks Wang Dong for advice on when to take in the Mystic Water Pill and the Spirit Ascension Pill. Three months pass with Yuhao having worked extremely hard to raise his cultivation. He garners attention throughout the school for his fish roasting skills.

Freshmen Examination

Yuhao chooses the Control System when Zhou Yi asks everyone to write down in what direction they wish to cultivate. They are then grouped into 22 groups with 1 extra. Yuhao is assigned in the first group together with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. Later they are asked by Zhou Yi, on why all of them chose the Control System when their qualifications weren't fit for it. Yuhao defends himself stating that he wishes to cultivate in that regard with his following Spirit Rings being assault-type ones. Zhou Yi is finally convinced and makes them promise to become the champions of the tournament.

While he is at his roasted fish stand, he meets Xu Sanshi again who has become his diligent customer. Then Ma Xiaotao appears and after hearing Xu Sanshi's praise she tries some. He shows his Spirit Eyes' ability to Ma Xiaotao as she asks him to show it. Later he meets with Tang Ya and Beibei as the two advise him about the upcoming examination. He receives Tang Sect's hidden weapons from Tang Ya. At first, he refuses them because the Spirit Guide Weapons are not allowed in the examination and later accepts them as it is pointed out that Tang Sect's hidden weapons are not Spirit Guide Weapons.

Before the scheduled examination, Yuhao, Wang Dong, and Xiao Xiao discuss their strategies. Seeing Wang Dong's arrogance, Xiao Xiao and Yuhao team up to battle against Wang Dong. Using his and Xiao Xiao's abilities, they force Wang Dong to admit defeat. After Xiao Xiao apologizes to Yuhao for looking down on him, they become much closer to each other.

When the examination starts, their group is chosen as the first set to fight and they face against the group of Ouyang Junyi, Chen Junfeng, and Zhao Haochen as their opponent. With Yuhao's Mental Sharing ability and Wang Dong's spirit they easily defeat them. The rest of their matches that day also end in the same manner as well with Team Yuhao easily dominating over the others. After their 5th match, Wang Yan talk to him and warned about the upcoming matches. Also on that day, Ma Xiaotao came looking for him and Wang Dong. When he asked the reason why she came, she asked about the guy who protected the two from her previous attack. Since Yuhao didn't want to reveal about daydream bro, he pretends he doesn't know about any ice user being there. When the two see that Ma Xiaotao is not satisfied with their answer, she activates her spirit, and the two immediately flee. Ma Xiaotao catches up in the blink of an eye, fending off Yuhao's soul assault attack like it was nothing, and unleashes a blazing fire around all three of them. When no one showed up to save them, Ma Xiaotao decided to let them go.

The next morning Yuhao's group faced the group consisting of, Huang Chutian, Lan Susu, and Lan Luoluo. Unlike their previous matches, this time Team Yuhao didn't win easily. With Yuhao's spirit spy, Chutian and the Lan sisters' initial attacks were easy to defend against. In desperation, the Lan sisters used spirit fusion to cover the arena with their hair net. Unable to retaliate, Wang Dong gets caught in the net. As Xiao Xiao is about to get caught as well, Yuhao yells out to Wang Dong. Yuhao and Wang Dong then unleash simultaneous attacks to drain the Lan sisters of their spiritual power and break the net. With the Lan Sisters unconscious, only Chutian was left on the opposing side, and he immediately decided to attack Wang. Wang Dong couldn't do anymore and Yuhao was low on spirit power, needing to recover. Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao couldn't both defend Wang Dong, by pinning Chutian in place and protect herself at the same time. Chutian launched an energy attack at Xiao Xiao but unexpectedly missed due to Yuhao using the last of his energy to use mental disturbance on Chutian. With Chutian distracted by his match-winning attack suddenly going off course, Xiao Xiao was able to send him flying out of the arena, winning the match.

After the match, Xiao Xiao and Wang Dong immediately question him about what he must have done to turn around the match. Yuhao leaves the explaining until later, insisting they needed to recover and focus on the upcoming matches. The rest of their matches proceed smoothly with Wang Dong sitting down and mediating the entire time while Xiao Xiao, aided by Yuhao's spirit spy, easily beat each of the other teams, resulting in a perfect 10 straight wins.

After the matches were ended, he was asked by Wang Yan about his spirit, he only said his spirit as spirit eyes. Wang Yan was surprised and asked if he was a member of Body Clan, and he said that he didn't know that clan.

At the dormitory room, he and Wang Dong talked about the match and they exchanged their secrets although he lied a bit to Wang Dong. After that, they try to experiment with the secret which Wang Dong told him by hugging him and when he saw the strange aura between them, he consults Daydream bro, who replies that aura signifies the Three Battle spirit fusion. When he heard this, he was shocked as he found out that Wang Dong also possessed three innate battle spirit.

Freshmen Championship Tournament



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