Fighting Style

Yuhao utilizes a combination of mental attacks, illusions, ice power attacks, ice element control, Tang Sect techniques, Spirit guides, HaoDong fusion and spirit fusion attacks, wisdom and power of his Familiars, and mental sharing to dominate and control every battle he is in.

Tang Sect Techniques

Mysterious Heaven Skill

It is a method for training internal qi by circulating the spirit energy through 10 times the number of meridians than are traditionally used for soul cultivation. This allows Huo Yuhao to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering injuries and stamina. Daily practice of this technique also has the effect of widening and removing impurities from meridians, as well as gradually improving physique. Huo Yuhao accidentally created a method of circulating internal qi without entering a state of meditation making him able to cultivate while moving.

Purple Demon Eye

Huo Yuhao trains in the Purple Demon Eye and uses it in combination with his Spirit Eyes to effectively incapacitate opponents. It has four levels.

  • Perception
  • Attention
  • Intoxication
  • Immersion

After digesting the Mystic Water Pill obtained from Beibei, Yuhao was able to ascend to the Attention level of the Purple Demon Eye.

After a 6 month long meditation in the Sun Moon Empire, Yuhao was able to ascend to the intoxication level of the Purple Demon Eye.

After Eating the Fullmoon Piercing Autumn Dew in the Sunset Forest Yuhao was able to ascend to the Immersion level of the Purple Demon Eye.

Mysterious Jade Hand

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track

This is a technique that allows Yuhao to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains.


Soul Power Chapter Age
1 6
10 1 11
11 9 11
12 14 11
13 15 11
17 15 11
20 38 12
26 50 12
27 65 12
28 97 12
30 130 12
32 147 12
38 151 14
40 152 14
42 165 14
43 171 15
50 199 16
60 369 17
70 390 18
72 407


74 457
76 466
77 480
80 487 19
84 519 20
85 519 20
89 519
92 563
93 576
94 585
95 596
96 604
97 604
98 604
99 614
100 620

Soul Cores

Huo Yuhao understood the concept of forming soul cores after being possessed by Di Tian. As a result he made history as the first person to establish a soul core before the Title Douluo rank. After establishing his 2nd soul core he became the first human to use the yin yang complement method. Later he became the first person to ever form 3 soul cores.

  • Spiritual Soul Core: Chapter 459
  • Ice Soul Core: Chapter 563
  • Space Soul Core: Chapter 614

Spirit Essence

Spirit Eyes

Huo Yuhao initially only possessed one Spirit Essence, a mutated rare type of Body Soul called Spirit Eyes.

Info Image

Initial Skill

  • Name: Spirit Eyes


  • Improved Time Perception
  • Telescopic Sight
  • Detailed Vision
Spirit Eye Mug

1st Soul Ring

1st skill: Spiritual Detection (other names: Mental Detection, Spirit Spy)


  • Enhanced Vision:
    • Slows the perception of time.
    • Perceives every detail in the environment include muscle movements, motion vectors, spirit power, and distance to objects.
    • Creates the feeling that there's a secondary brain helping one process all the information.
  • 360-degree Stereoscopic Vision:
    • Initially is within a range of 30 meters in diameter, however, the maximum distance increases with Spirit Power Level and training.
    • Can see everything within the range, from any angle desired, even if one's eyes are closed.
  • Improved Telescopic Vision:
    • Same effects as Stereoscopic Vision, but in a straight line ahead of the user rather than 360 degrees.
    • The range is greatly increased over the 360-degree version due to focusing on the ability.

2nd skill: Spiritual Sharing (other names: Mental Distribution, Spirit Resonance)

Effect: Huo Yuhao can share his thoughts with others. Normally, he combines it with Spiritual Detection. Initially, he can do it with up to 3 others, but the number increased with training.

3rd skill: Spiritual Shock (other names: Soul Assault)

Effect: It is a mental attack that briefly stuns an opponent and interrupts their soul skills. However, it is a double-edged sword, it could backlash at Huo Yuhao if his opponent's soul is stronger than his own. This ability fused together with his Purple Demon Eyes.

4th skill: Spiritual Interference (other names: Mental Disturbance)

Effect: Temporarily disrupts the mental state and senses of the opponent. Although it isn't especially effective, the slight dizziness caused by it could often change the situation of a battle. Furthermore, the greatest advantage of this skill lay in the fact that the user wouldn't suffer any backlash no matter what.

Soul Ring

Mental Detection

2nd Soul Ring

  • Name: Imitation (other names: Illusion)


  • The user can appear as something or someone else in both form and aura, even appear perfectly fine despite being greatly exhausted.
  • Can change the color of one's Soul Rings and create entirely fake ones.
  • Can hide attacks and/or make them look like they're heading toward a different target.
  • Range of this ability is 10 Meters (after reaching Rank 50)
  • The user can assimilate into the environment like a chameleon.

Soul Ring

  • Origin: Ice Silk Worm
  • Chapter: 46
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    3,000 Years (Before)
  • Colour: Red, Purple (Before)
Yuhao Second Spirit Ability

3rd Soul Ring

  • Name: Mass Enfeeblement (other names: Nerve Exhaustion)


  • An area-of-effect ability. It affects the central nervous system and causes the targets to experience dizziness and weakness in their lower limbs, among other things.[1]

Soul Ring

  • Origin: Purple Spirit Wolf
  • Chapter: 146
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    ~15,000+ years (Before)
  • Colour: Red, Black (Before)
Group Weakening

4th Soul Ring

  • Name: Spiritual Confusion


  • Target will randomly attack anything nearby.

Soul Ring

  • Origin: Silver Moon Wolf King
  • Chapter: 165
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    10,000 years (Before)
  • Colour: Red, Black (Before)
Yuhao 4th spirit ability - Chaos

5th Soul Ring

  • Name: Spiritual Duplication


  • Ability to copy other soul skills
  • Can use a copied ability 3 times before having to copy the ability again or a different ability

Soul Ring

  • Origin: Silverbrave Beast
  • Chapter: 242
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    35,000 years (Before)
  • Colour: Red, Black (Before)

6th Soul Ring

  • 1st skill: Destiny’s Demise


  • All defenses that weren’t formed using soul power would lose their effect.
  • One’s body would also become extremely fragile.
  • Under the guidance of destiny, it was impossible not to be struck by it.
  • Unless one’s soul power attack could directly destroy Huo Yuhao, his Destiny’s Demise would last for a full minute
  • 2nd skill: Spiritual Dispossession


  • Decreases defense against physical attacks
Soul Ring
  • Three-Eyed Golden Lion
  • Chapter: 388
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    15,000+ {equal to 100,000+} (Before)
  • Color: Rose Gold

7th Soul Ring

  • Name: Spirit Eyes True Body (Avatar)
  • Transforms Yuhao into a giant vertical eye
  • Enhances all abilities of Spirit Eyes and Eye of Destiny

Soul Ring

  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    100,000 years (Before)
  • Colour: Red

8th Soul Ring

  • Name: Mermaid’s Duet


  • Double the effects of any of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual-type soul skills

Soul Ring

  1. Origin: Mermaid Princess
  2. Chapter: 545
  3. Age: 100,000+ years,
    100,000 years (Before)
  4. Colour: Red

9th Soul Ring

  • Name: Thorny Halo


  • Fifty percent of the damage done to Yuhao would be reflected in his opponent as a spiritual attack. It can be used in conjunction with Spiritual Reaving to injure even Gods.

Soul Ring

Ice Jade Empress Scorpion

After he merged with Daydream Iceworm, Huo Yuhao obtained his first Soul Ring for the Spirit Eyes, but no Spirit Bone Instead he obtained the second Spirit Essence: Ice. However, this second Spirit Essence only had an attribute, but not a form. Huo Yuhao finalized his second Spirit Essence after traveling to the Extreme North and obtaining the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion's soul ring. She then became his second Spirit Essence.

Info Image

Initial Skill

  • Name: Ultimate Ice


  • It is the strongest type of ice; it can freeze everything, even the Soul Power.
  • It suppresses any other type of ice, and cause a deterring effect on all ice-type Soul Masters, even if they are stronger than he. Huo Yuhao could even intercept their control over ice and interrupt their abilities.
  • Ultimate Ice doesn't have an elemental weakness - it can't be melted by any type of fire
  • Through physical contact, Huo Yuhao can fuse his Ultimate Ice into other ice-type users to increase their powers.
Using Ice to freeze Spirit Power

1st Soul Ring

1st skill: Ice Empress' Pincer

  • Effects It is a pure-strength ability - it transforms Huo Yuhao's hands and forearms into Ice Jade Empress Scorpion's pincers and greatly increases his strength.

 2nd skill: Ice Empress' Armor

  • Effects It is a purely defensive ability - it covers his entire body with extremely tough ice crystals.

Soul Ring:

Ice Scorpion Armor

2nd Soul Ring

  • Name: Snowless Glacier (full name: Gentleness Amidst Warmth, Snowless Glacier)


  • It was one of the Heavenly Snow Woman's Three Ultimate Techniques: the Empress' Palm.
  • Even though it is fused with his Soul Ring, Huo Yuhao can't activate it; it is controlled by Heavenly Snow Woman' Spirit.
  • It concentrates all the ice and snow in the area into Huo Yuhao's left hand. Everything struck by it would be frozen to absolute zero, even the soul and spiritual power.
  • No one is immune to it; even a Titled Douluo could be frozen. The only way to survive it is to avoid getting struck by it.
  • It is the strongest ability that was bestowed by the Heavenly Snow Woman


  • Its strength is greatly increased if used with the combination of his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice (because the domain creates more ice and snow for the Snowless Glacier to utilize).
  • To deal more damage, it can be combined with the Ice Explosion Technique since both of them are unleashed by his left hand.
Soul Ring
Snow Empress Palm

3rd Soul Ring

  • Name: Snowy Dance of the Brilliant Sun


  • It was one of the Heavenly Snow Woman's Three Ultimate Techniques: the Empress' Chill.
  • Even though it is fused with his Soul Ring, Huo Yuhao can't activate it. It is controlled by Heavenly Snow Woman.
  • It is a Domain-type ability. It creates a blizzard that blocks all senses; Huo Yuhao is completely assimilated into the snowstorm and can't be detected even by Titled Douluo.

When combined with his Domain of Perpetual Ice it transforms into the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice:

  • It greatly increases the affected area.
  • Drastically drops the temperature in the area; even a Titled Douluo needs to circulate soul power to resist such cold.
  • All snow in the blizzard gains an attacking power.
  • Decrease the depletion of his soul power.
Soul Ring
Snow Domain

4th Soul Ring

  • Name: Unparalleled Chill, Empress' Sword


  • It was one of the Heavenly Snow Woman's Three Ultimate Techniques: the Empress' Sword.
  • Even though it is fused with his Soul Ring, Huo Yuhao can't activate it. It is controlled by the Heavenly Snow Woman' Spirit.
  • It creates a deep blue sword entirely made up of ice crystals. With a swung of the sword, a deep blue light appears and creates a fan-like projection that gradually grew lighter as it extends until it was finally white. The sword light freezes everything in its path and can turn even a Titled Douluo with activated Spirit Essence into ice sculpture for the entire second.
Soul Ring
Snow Empress Sword

5th Soul Ring

  • Name:  The Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses


  • Even though it is fused with his Soul Ring, Huo Yuhao can't activate it. It is controlled by Heavenly Snow Woman' Spirit.
  • It needs to be used by Snow Emperor and Ice Emperor together
Soul Ring

6th Soul Ring

  • Name: Ultimate Ice Enhancement


  • Greatly increase the strength of Ultimate Ice
Soul Ring

7th Soul Ring

1st Skill: Ice Jade Empress Scorpion True Body (Avatar)


  • Lets Huo Yuhao absorb the concentrated origin energy of heaven and earth with him and the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass in the center
  • It can only be used by the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass spirit

2nd Skill: Ice Empress' Descent


  • Instead of materializing the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, and because the Ice Empress is still conscience, Huo Yuhao directly summons the Ice Empress
Soul Ring

8th Soul Ring

1st skill: Icy Meteor


  • Creates a giant icy meteor shower capable of sending Transcendent Duoluo Thousands of meters away once hit

2nd skill: Ice Bear King’s Blizzard


  • Creates a Giant destructive blizzard
Soul Ring

9th Soul Ring

When Yuhao attained his 9th ring, he went through a mutation causing his 9th soul skill to lay dormant. It was only when the Ice and Snow Empresses fused with him completely that his 9th soul skill became active.  

1st skill: Sigh of the Frozen Goddess


  • By fusing with the Morning Dew Dagger, Yuhao gets replaced by a figure wearing an icy blue dress. It wasn't the Ice or Snow Empress or the Goddess of Light. This figure was more than a hundred meters tall and she releases an icy, foggy aura from her body.
  • She can summon a ball of icy-blue fog from her head which can freeze and drain an attack from the Dragon God’s Claw.

2nd skill: Absolute Zero


  • Lower the temperature to the absolute zero, the lowest temperature that is theoretically possible, at which the motion of particles that constitutes heat would be minimal
Soul Ring
  • Ultimate Ice (Ring mutated from Ice Bear King Spirit)
  • Age: 300,000 years+
  • Colour: Red
Screenshot (2)

Sigh of the Frozen Goddess



It is Huo Yuhao's third Spirit Essence, but it has only one, dark grey, Soul Ring that contains the strength and knowledge of Electrolux about necromancy:

  • Huo Yuhao can control the spirits of deceased people and/or purify them if they were corrupted into vengeful wraiths.
  • Huo Yuhao can form a contract with the spirits to perform some actions. Snow Empress' Spirit was created by such a contract and combination of Electrolux, Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, Daydream Iceworm and Huo Yuhao's powers.
  • Necromancer’s Silent Heart. This skill allowed him to enter a peculiarly calm state, and the skill also greatly boosted his senses. The only downside was that he would be incapable of any emotions at all over the next day, and he would only use the most rational and reasonable methods to think about things
  • Spectral Gate. Create a door linked to the netherworld, summoning a specter that could aid one in combat.
  • Curse Of Blood. Slow a person down. Once the person was attacked the effect of the curse would flare up, injuring him even more.
  • Withering. an extremely powerful single-target magic. It directly struck the target’s spiritual plane, in turn igniting the target’s life force. This would create a mysterious elemental transformation that lead to the target melting from within. Regardless of how much strength one possessed, one could only use the energy within their body to resist Withering. If they were incapable of doing so, they’d wither away and die. Moreover, Withering lasted for a full minute!

Eye of Destiny

Third Eye

Previously known as the Eye of Life, it was opened by Life Gold and Electrolux's soul resided in it. After Huo Yuhao's encounter with Three-Eyed Golden Lion, the Eye absorbed part of Lion's strength and transformed into the Eye of Destiny.

Judgment of the Light of Destiny

The Judgement of the Light of Destiny can change the destiny of other beings around Huo Yuhao for three minutes. However, it can't change Huo Yuhao's own destiny and he can use it only once per day because it expends to much spiritual power.[1]

Basically, the Judgement of the Light of Destiny affects the probability of events in favor of his allies by making improbable things to happen or preventing the likely things from happening. For example, attacks of his ally would always hit the target, while his enemies would always miss, even if their abilities can lock-down on the target. The enemies would stumble just at the right time to reveal their most vulnerable parts for the incoming attack, or would be hit in the head by debris falling from the sky, etc.[1]

After absorbing Chaos Power which is a higher form of Divine Power during the creation of the God Star, the Eye of Destiny evolved once more and became an Ultra Divine Weapon called the Eternal Eye allowing him to have the right to become a God King.

Ultimate Attribute

When Huo Yuhao gained his second Spirit Essence the Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion, Yuhao gained the Ultimate Ice Attribute which gives absolute suppression to all Ice and fire elements making them useless against him including poisons which use ice/fire elements.

After fusing with the Snow Empress’ Spirit, Huo Yuhao no longer possessed Ultimate Ice, but Ultimate Ice and Snow. Among all cold-type soul masters, no one could compare to him making his cold type attacks the strongest in the world.

Second Spirit Awakening

Silver Awakening:

After Eating the Fullmoon Piercing Autumn Dew in the Sunset Forest Yuhao was able to obtain his second body Spirit Awakening. (Chapter 260) After his Second Awakening, Yuhao's eyes could detect the most delicate and intricate changes in his surroundings, and he could see the peculiarities of every detail even when he didn’t release his Spirit Essence. when he activated his spirit eyes everything became clearer than before and seemed as if time slowed down.

When Yuhao went through his second Awakening his eye colors changed from pure black to black and purple when he doesn't release his spirit essence and purple and gold when he releases his spirit essence

Gold Awakening:

Yuhao gains the Golden Awakening after fighting with the Princess of the Sea.

Sovereign's Descent (Absolute Dominance)

It is an ability created by his teacher Mu Lao. It is a perfect fusion of physical and spiritual attacks. Huo Yuhao can unleash it with his fist, or fuse it into weapons.

Life Reflecting Shield

This is a soul skill given to Yuhao after he makes Daydream his second spirit.

It can reflect any physical and spiritual attack. If the opponent is weaker than Yuhao, everything will be reflected, the attack will be partially reflected even if the opponent is stronger than Yuhao is but he has to take the rest of the damage, the Life Reflecting Shield will absorb and dispel part of the attack, and Daydream's life energy will take the hit. The strike will never touch Yuhao unless Daydream's life energy can’t take it anymore.

This soul skill can be used 3 times a day and only protects in-front of Yuhao and can not reflect attacks from soul tools

Spirit Bones

Soul of Secret Arts (destroyed)

A reward from Teacher Zhou Yi for placing first in the Freshmen Examination. This Spirit Bone was obtained using a unique and cruel method. It is possible to obtain such Spirit Bone with a 10% chance if you kill a hundred spirit beasts within an hour and use secret arts to activate their Soul Rings. It is a relatively simple method to obtain a Spirit Bone, but, since it has a low chance of success, and it is
extremely cruel, very few spirit masters would do it. (Chapter 33)

Huo Yuhao hadn't absorbed it; instead, it was used by Ice Jade Empress Scorpion as a medium to help him to fuse with her torso bone.

  • Ability: increases spirit power by 50% and can be merged with 2 other similar attribute spirit bones. This 50% increase will remain from beginning to end. When cultivation has reached a high enough level, its percentage increase will become more apparent.

Torso - Ice Jade Empress Scorpion

HYSpirit Bone1

Obtained when the 400,000 years Ice Jade Empress Scorpion sacrificed herself to become a Soul Ring for Huo Yuhao's second spirit. (Chapter 43)


  • Domain of Perpetual Ice (Permafrost Domain): A Domain-type ability that causes the area around the user to freeze up quickly. When combined with the Frigid Dance of Ice and Snow its effect is greatly increased.
  • Ice Empress' Wrath: An incredibly strong ice ability accompanied by an enormous amount of pressure released from the user.

Left Arm - Ice Jade Scorpion

Ice Scorpion Arm Bone

It was obtained from the Ice Jade Scorpion that was 70,000 years old. As a Spirit Bone from the Ice Jade Scorpion, it can be used only by someone with the Ultimate Ice.[2]

It was gifted to the Huo Yuhao by the Star Luo Empire's Emperor as a reward for winning the Continental Championship.[3] Huo Yuhao absorbed it shortly after returning to the Shrek Academy from the Championship. Ice Jade Empress Scorpion increased its strength during the absorption.[4](Chapter 131)

  • Ice Explosion: Huo Yuhao can inject it into any ice and then detonate the ice at any time. The timing of the explosion is controllable; Huo Yuhao can detonate it as long as the target is frozen. If used on normal ice, the strength of the Ice Explosion Technique is decided by Huo Yuhao's power level. The real threat of the Ice Explosion Technique is when it is used in the living target that was frozen by the Ultimate Ice. The stronger the corpse being detonated, the greater the explosive force. The Ice Explosion Technique has two prerequisites:[5]
    1. The entire body must be frozen, and it must be filled with water internally.
    2. Huo Yuhao must touch the target with his left arm to inject the Ice Explosion Technique into it.

External Bone - Dark Gold Terror Claw

Huo Yuhao obtained this Spirit Bone from a 2,000 year old Dark Gold Terror Claw Bear in the Star Luo Forest. (Chapter 140-141)


Left Leg - Mutant Wolf Ape

Received after killing 3 mutated wolf apes which had the ability to use a 3-way fusion which was 10,000+ years old (Chapter 240)

Huo Yuhao, Wang Qui'er and Wang Dong'er each fused with one of the left leg bones. (Chapter 254)


  • Instant Shift- teleport anywhere within a maximum range of 10 meters. Top Tier agility spirit skill
  • Magnetic Attraction- within 50 meters Huo Yuhao, Wang Qui'er and Wang Dong'er can all teleport to each other

Skull Bone - Skull of Destiny (Also consumed 100,000+ Evileye Tyrant Skull)

Received the Three-Eyed Golden Lion skull bone from Wang Qiu'er after she sacrificed herself for Huo Yuhao. (Chapter 388)


  • Spiritual Immunity - Huo Yuhao could make himself immune to all kinds and levels of spiritual attacks three times a day. Unless Huo Yuhao was faced with a God who had the ability to change destiny, Huo Yuhao could render himself immune to all sorts and levels of spiritual attacks. Huo Yuhao would need at least a month to fully replenish his skull bone to three instances of Spiritual Immunity
  • Destiny’s Adjudication - It has the power to control destiny and could cause misfortune to descend on his opponent.

Right Leg - Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass

Received after fusing with the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass and it becoming Yuhao's 4th Spirit. It is a 100,000+-year-old spirit bone. (Chapter 467)


  • Star Anise Ice Coagulation - Used to form and attract ice elements
  • Star Anise Omnithrust - Creates ice spikes which can attack any direction

Right Arm - Mermaid Princess

Received after fusing with the Mermaid Princess and it becoming Yuhao's 6th Spirit. It is a 100,000+-year-old spirit bone. (Chapter 545)


  • Merfolk Control - Mermaid Princess gains the same soul rings as Yuhao's Spirit Eyes and can use its abilities for half the spirit power. Also can use Yuhao's Necromancy abilities
  • TBA

The External bone of Evileye Tyrant King Emperor

After killing the Evil Emperor Yuhao obtained soul bone and soul ring. it is an 800,000-year-old external bone. (Chapter 619)


Space-Time Light- it combines spiritual power and space, it can destroy spiritual origin of any living creature.

Light of Destruction

Spirit Souls

  1. Daydream Iceworm: (1,000,000 years)
  2. Ice Jade Empress Scorpion: (400,000 years)
  3. Snow Empress: (700,000 years)
  4. Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass: (100,000 years)
  5. Ice Bear King: (300,000 years)
  6. Mermaid Princess: (100,000 years)
  7. Evileye Tyrant Emperor(700,000+ years)

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion (Huo Yuhao + Wang Dong'er)

It is the spirit fusion of Wang Dong and Yuhao; they have a 100% fusion affinity rate which almost impossible as both parties need high compatibility with each other. They can mix their soul force when in contact, multiplying its regeneration, power, and speed, it also affects the strength of their fusions. Additionally, whenever they are in physical contact, they can share energy with each other, however, either of them using this power for spirit abilities is up to Yuhao's discretion due to Daydream manipulating the initial process that created this fusion power. According to Daydream Ice Silkworm, although their 3rd spirit was currently not able to fuse with each other, they can still fuse it's aura thus it further strengthen their fusion.[6]

After some experimentation at the suggestion of Wang Yan, Yuhao and Wang Dong found that since they both currently have two usable battle spirits, they have not only 1 but 4 possible Spirit Fusion Attacks.
HaoDong cultivation
The fusing of their qi not only unlocked a powerful attack but also allowed them to work together during meditation to accelerate essence cultivation by putting their hands together.

Spirit Eyes + Bright Goddess Butterfly

Name: Fading In Radiance, Golden Road (Dying in the Bright, Golden Road in the Manhua)

Effect: A golden path in a straight line, forcing target's Soul Rings to deactivate, seals the target's spirit essence and makes the person(s) fall unconscious (although targets with much higher spirit levels will stay conscious) while still standing like a golden statue. Leaves behind a golden indentation where it carved a path in the ground. The attack is essentially an improved version of Soul Assault, augmented with the destructive force of the Bright Goddess Butterfly.

  • tournament#1 first round enemy defeated by golden road

Ice Jade Empress Scorpion + Clear Sky Hammer

Name: Blaze Amidst the Frost, the Heavenly Emperor's Hammer

Effect: Summons a grown-up version of Huo Yuhao. He then creates a giant ice hammer and smashes it down on the enemy.

Spirit Eyes + Clear Sky Hammer

Name: Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest (other names: The Divine Truth Among The Emptiness, Spiritual Storm)

Effect: Giant humanoid shape appears and rains countless golden hammers on the enemy. This skill fuses the Clear Sky Hammer's most powerful attack with Huo Yuhao's spiritual shock. This spirit fusion attack doesn't use much soul power but its demand for spiritual power is terrifying. This attack could directly go through an opponent's spiritual sea to unceasingly attack one's spirit by using various memories, it doesn't do as simple as destroying one's spirit but targets one's consciousness. This spirit fusion skill is strong enough to affect Huang Heyun, the Heavenfiend Lonestar Douluo while Huo Yuhao is Spirit Grandmaster and Wangdong is Spirit Elder.

Ice Jade Empress Scorpion + Bright Goddess Butterfly

Name: Solitary Dance Amidst Frost, Raiment of Light (other names: Ice Frost Solo Dance - Goddess of Light)

Effect: Summons a humongous "goddess butterfly" that looks like grown-up Wang Dong powerful enough to disperse a Spirit Fusion attack produced by Yuhao's and Wang Dong's peers. This is the only one out of four spirit fusion that is under control of Wang Dong.

In this form, Wang Dong'er can control the abilities of both Yuhao's and her spirit bones and the Soul Rings from their respective spirit essence used in the fusion.

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion (Huo Yuhao + Wang Qiu'er)

Fusion greatly amplified each other in terms of both strength and soul power, to the point where it exceeded his connection with Wang Dong’er through the Haodong power.

Spirit Eyes + Ice Jade Empress Scorpion + Golden Dragon

Name: Dragon Cry of Destiny

Effect: Either Yuhao or Wang Qiu'er is in control of the body while the other turns into armor for the user to wear. When Wang Qui'er is in control Radiant ice crystal patterns appear on her armor and the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion was imprinted on her back, and this picture was identical to the tattoo that usually appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body, where the scorpion’s tail reached her hip. Yuhao's Eye of Destiny Appears on her body.

When Huo Yuhao is in control of the body, bright gold light turns into thick scales that covered Huo Yuhao’s chest and head first. Following this, they extended to every part of his body. An indescribable, tremendous strength circulated through his entire body.

Huo Yuhao gets covered by a suit of golden armor. There is a huge image of a golden dragon head on his chest. His entire head was covered by a helmet, which also had the appearance of a dragon’s head. The dragon scales engulfs his body perfectly, absolutely no skin was exposed. His new armor can unleash a layer of intense golden light as a defense. His soul power increases until its equivalent to Rank 70. 

Destiny’s Judgment

The name of the attacks which are made with Dragon Cry of Destiny. This Spirit Fusion consumes a lot of Spirit Power, roughly 30% just to transform and strike once which means they can only attack 3 times before they run out of soul power.

The reason why so much soul power is used per attack is because of the special ability which comes with each strike. When hit by Destiny's Judgement the target will experience misfortune for the rest of their lives.

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion (Huo Yuhao + Wang Dong'er + Wang Qiu'er)

Spirit Eyes + Ice Jade Empress Scorpion + Golden Dragon + Bright Goddess Butterfly + Clear Sky Hammer

Name: Purple and Gold Draconic Butterfly Transformation

a slender man covered with purplish-gold armor. The purplish-gold light was shining forth from the armor. He had a pair of special wings behind him. They weren’t made of feathers and didn’t resemble butterfly wings either. They had adopted the structure of wings that seemed to belong to some kind of ancient, sacred dragon.

While the man wore armor, he didn’t have a helmet. His black hair flowed down behind his shoulders. On his forehead, there was a bright purplish-gold vertical eye. Upon closer inspection, the reflection of the principles of heaven and earth could be seen in his eye.

The man didn’t resemble anyone, he didn’t look like Wang Dong’er or Huo Yuhao. His handsomeness was filled with a sense of holiness.

The armor’s scales were rhombic, and they refracted purplish-gold rays under the illumination of the purplish-gold glow.

Huo Yuhao is the controller of this spirit fusion skill and his skill becomes comparable to a Rank 80 Spirit Duoluo



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