Family Edit

Huo Yun Er Edit

Yuhao was very close to his mother even though she was abused and belittled by other members of Dai family (especially by the Duchess and Huabin). She cared deeply for Yuhao raising him until she died when Yuhao turned 10 years old.

Dai Hao Edit

Yuhao has shown a tremendous amount of hatred towards his father for abandoning him and his mother to the point that Yuhao wanted to kill him for not being there.

Dai Huabin Edit

Yuhao completely hates Huabin since he was the reason behind the death of Yuhao's mother. Yuhao later avanges his mother by defeating him in duels and forcing him to confess that he was wrong for what he did. Huabin becomes irritated and enraged by the amount of praise that Yuhao gets to the point that he plotted to have Yuhao killed by assassins which ended in failure. To this day, Huabin becomes hell-bent on wanting to defeat Yuhao in battle which always ends in him utterly defeated.

Dai Yaoheng Edit

Yuhao was distant towards Yaoheng because of his little brother being Huabin. After spending some alone time together, Yuhao still remains distant toward him but has become more tolerant of his presence since Yaoheng did apologize to him for what Huabin did to him.

Shrek Academy Edit

Wang Dong Edit

He deeply cares about "him." What started off as a rocky relationship later turns into a strong brotherhood where they always depend on each other when the other is in peril.

There were moments where Yuhao gets embarrassed whenever Wang Dong is close to him. After learning that Wang Dong is a girl, Yuhao becomes more accepting of their relationship changing from best friends/brothers to lovers.

Ma XiaoTao Edit

Ma Xiaotao&Hue Yuhao

In the Shrek Academy Arc, Yuhao originally was distant due to an incident when she nearly killed him and Wang Dong because she lost control of her demon flames.

After learning that he wields Absolute Ice, XiaoTao clings to him more in hopes of gaining full control of her demon flames. During the Soul Dueling Tournament Arc, Yuhao falls unconscious during a battle he wins and wakes up later in a cold shower with XiaoTao clinging to him when she lost complete control of her demon flames.

After that incident, she decides to overlook him touching her in indecent areas and asks him if he was willing to call her big sister from then on promising to protect him from any one that would hurt.

Touched by her offer and filled with loneliness from losing his mother, Yuhao cries in XiaoTao's arms calling her big sister for 15 minutes then passing out in her arms.

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