Ice Bear
Name Ice Bear
Chinese 冰熊
Also Known As
Species Bear
Vital Status


There were several Ice Bears in the Extreme North that were incredibly muscular. These bears were very large, at least seven to eight meters tall when they stood up, while their bodies were extremely thick and tough. These spirit beasts had thick fur, and their strength was terrifying. Furthermore, their explosiveness was so vigorous that they could spring over short distances as quickly as agility-type soul beasts. They were high up in the food chain within the Extreme North’s icy plains.

Full-grown Extreme Northern Bears had to have at least 1.000 years of cultivation, but one couldn’t underestimate their threat just because they were only thousand year spirit beasts. The Ice Bears in this place were like the Dark Gold Fear Claw Bear in the Great Star Dou Forest. Thousand year Ice Bears could rival normal 10.000 year spirit beasts, and even though their fighting strength still couldn’t match up to that of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears, very few spirit beasts dared to provoke them.

Ice Bears had very sensitive senses of smell, because the Extreme North always had a scarcity of food. Therefore, their sense of smell became very strong through their consistent evolution. They could smell other living beings from kilometers away, and it was clear that they had discovered him, and were treating him like prey.

The Ice Bears’ paws were sold at extremely high prices in every empire on the continent.

Significant Specimens

3.000 Years

In DD3, Xu Xiaoyan gained a Spirit Soul of an Ice Bear in the Spirit Pagoda Plattform. They are covered in snow-white fur and possessed an air of majesty. They’re powerful soul beasts found in the far northern lands! The they’re huge and should possess cultivation levels over three-thousand-years.

Ice Bear King (300.000 years)

In DD2, the Ice Bear King became one of the Spirit Souls of Huo Yuhao and ascended toward the Divine Realm with him.

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