Ice Fire Demonic Tiger
Ice Fire Demonic Tiger
Name Ice Fire Demonic Tiger
Also Known As
Age 4,000+ years
Vital Status Deceased

Appearance Edit

Ice Fire Demonic Tiger is over one and a half meters in height and over six meters from head to tail. Purple stripes stand out in sharp contrast against it's bronze fur, and its eyes are frosty blue and fiery red. Its bizarre appearance is completed with a pair of blue and red wings on its back.

Description Edit

It excels in both long-ranged and close-ranged attacks and can control ice and fire. It can also fly short distances with its wings. This fearsome combination makes it one of the most fearsome beasts. There is a peculiar legend attached to the tiger: It's said that once killed, it would provide two Spirit Rings, one of ice and one of fire.

Plot Edit

The Ice Fire Demonic Tiger attacked Tang Wulin and Wuzhang Kong in the intermediate level of the spirit ascension at the Spirit Pagoda.

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