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The Ice Scorpion Emperor is a 399,900 year (reached 400,000 after fusing with Huo Yuhao) Supreme spirit beast who possesses the very rare — Absolute Ice elemental control ability. According to Daydream, she is ranked the second strongest out of the top 3 Emperors of the Far Northern plains. Entire continent wise, she is ranked 8th. When Yuhao reaches level 20, Daydream tells Yuhao to go north to seek her for his second spirit. However, Daydream leaves Yuhao out of the negotiation process completely. Daydream goes out by himself to confront her and lure her out into his trap. Ultimately with the intention of convincing her to be a part of his grand plan. She was agitated at first but after hearing him out, she was eventually taken by his idea of making god together. Daydream recounts to her about the birth of a (human) god 10,000 years prior. Daydream also assures her that when she becomes a spirit ring, she will be a spirit ring with intelligence. Daydream leaves her with 2 options, to wait for a slow boring meaningless death or to live on for eternity as part of god. She thinks it through, not having any other option that was better than that, she realizes what an opportunity this was. She finally agrees to help Yuhao achieve god status with Daydream together. Daydream introduces the 2 properly, shortly afterwards Yuhao was put to the test by the emperor to endure a very painful and long spirit bone fusion. After having gone through it, he successfully absorbs both her spirit bone and spirit power giving him 4 abilities (2 from the spirit ring and 2 from the spirit bone). The author rounds up her age after she beaks her final bottle neck, turning her into a full fledge 400,000 year beast spirit (which explains the 4 golden markings on her red rings). Any spirit who has lived anywhere near 400,000 years would be able to change the colour of the sky to their theme colour, which for her case was a beautiful Jade green.

Spirit Essence Description

The user receives the Absolute Ice essence of the spirit beast. This grants a number of benefits. For example its user is resistant to poisons to a certain degree, not allowing it to enter within the body, but rather expels it out instead.

The user can also share this absolute essence with other ice users, drastically increasing their power, or use it to dominate them and make their ice betray them.

In addition, absolute ice is completely immune to fire and is absolutely capable of withstanding any extremes levels of coldness.

However like all absolute type spirit essences, in exchange for no longer experiencing bottlenecks when crossing into the next Spirit Grade and getting the vast power of the absolute element, the user will experience a slow down in their cultivation rate after 30th rank. This is due to the toll absolute type essences take on the body and that the body needs more time to adjust than is normal for spirit masters.


  • Huo Yuhao

    A scorpion marking on the back of its host


  • She is the love of Daydream's life. (Since they first met 200,000 years ago.)
  • Daydream calls her "bing bing" (冰冰) which in the Chinese language means, ice ice, While Yuhao calls her "Bing Di" (冰帝) which translates to: Ice Emperor in English.
  • Daydream always had the intention for the Ice Emperor to be Yuhao second spirit.
  • Her full addressing title in Chinese is: "Bing Bi Huang Di Xie" (冰碧帝皇蝎), which is word for word equivalent to "Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion" in English, though this does not preserve the meaning.