Ice Silk Worm
Ice Silk Worm
Name Ice Silk Worm
Also Known As
Species Ice Silk Worm
Vital Status

Description Edit

Ice Silk Worms are Spirit Beasts of the Far Northern plains. They have dual attributes, Mental attribute and Ice attribute. Their speed is extremely low, which reflects poorly on their overall fighting strength. This makes them rather ordinary Spirit Beasts, and hardly any specimen reaches 10,000 years of cultivation or more.

A golden mark holds a special significance for Ice Silk Worms. It symbolises their advancement into the realm of 100,000 years cultivation. Once they have the golden mark, they evolve into a Golden-tattooed Ice Silk Worm. They can have 10 up to of these golden marks in their life.

Significant Specimens Edit

Daydream Edit

Huo Yuhao met a 1,000,000 years old Ice Silk Warm called Daydream when he was looking for his first Spirit Ring. Instead of the intended Spirit Beast, Daydream became Huo Yuhao's first Spirit Ring, as well as his first conscious Spirit Ring. Moreover, Daydream furnished Huo Yuhao with a second attribute- Ice- that allows him to absorbs a Spirit Beast of ice attribute and becomes it his second Spirit.

 1,000+ Years Edit

Huo Yuhao encountered and killed a 3,000 years old Ice Silk Worm in the Far Northern plains with the help of Daydream. It became Huo Yuhao's second Spirit Ring on his Spirit Eyes.

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