Infernal Delicate Apricot
Infernal Delicate Apricot
Name Infernal Delicate Apricot
Chinese 烈火杏娇疏
Also Known As Blazing Apricot Cabbage
Type Immortal Herb

Spirit Beast

Description Edit

Its effects are the complete opposite of Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass. It can produce extreme heat.

It can provide one with the purest flames to amplify its abilities and even add control to the fire element of the natural attributes.

It has to be removed with jade, so as not to lose its potency.

Human Form Edit

A lady dressed in red who has beautiful looks.

History Edit

She was born in the Middle Yang Lake of the Icefire Polarized Eyes and the highest rank for a fire-type plant. She lived in the well with many other immortal herbs.

Before the start of SL3, the spirit beasts of the well made an agreement with Tang Sect.

The agreement with Tang Sect was that only a single person is allowed into the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well every hundred years, and that person is allowed to take no more than two types of herbs. In exchange, Tang Sect will help protect the place and won’t let it be destroyed by other humans.

Plot Edit

SL Edit

Tang San eats it along with the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, which allows him to enter the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and also makes his body stronger and his Blue Silver Grass resistant to cold.

SL2 Edit

Huo Yuhao took away her essence and badly damaged her cultivation base.

SL3 Edit

She met with the Shrek Seven Devils and Zang Xin when they came to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. She and the other plant system spirit beasts were not pleased to see them.Zang Xin told them about the destruction of Shrek Academy and Tang Sect headquarters. When Zang Xin asked for a hundred-thousand years heaven and earth treasure for each of the devils, they refused. They tried to expel them from the well using the remnant souls of the Water and Fire Dragon Kings, but was stopped by Gu Yuena. Nevertheless, they still tried to expel them, but they intimated by Zang Xin and were forced to agree to his demands. They showed them around the well introducing each herb.

After Beautiful Silk Tulip offer to become a spirit soul for one of the devils was rejected by four of them, she was asked by Yue Zhengyu to become his spirit soul, which she rejected. When Tang Wulin revealed his status as a child of nature, she offered to become his spirit soul. In the end, Wulin chose Beautiful Silk Tulip. She and the other left left seed to Wulin to later be planted around the Eternal Tree.

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