Ink Leopard
Ink Leopard
Name Ink Leopard
Also Known As
Age 10.000 years
Species Feline Beast
Vital Status Alive

Description Edit

The Ink Leopard’s limbs were thicker and larger than most leopard-type soul beasts. Its four paws were as big as a lion or a tiger’s paws, and their paws could extend claws fully a foot long if they desired. Combining this destructive power with its incredible speed, even though speed wasn’t its best attribute, made the Ink Leopard extremely difficult to deal with. The Ink Leopard was considered an exceptionally cunning soul beast, possessing several formidable darkness-type soul skills.

Leopard-type spirit beasts were generally adept at speed, especially their short-distance sprinting speed. There were many leopard-type spirit beasts that were on the same speed tier as the Purpleshadow Lion, but the main difference was they couldn’t keep it up over long distances.

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