Jade Ocean Spirit Ape
Jade Ocean Spirit Ape
Name Jade Ocean Spirit Ape
Also Known As
Age 10.000+ years
Vital Status Dead

Description Edit

The Jade Ocean Spirit Ape is an ape-type spirit beast, and it feeds upon the venomous Spiritjade Fruits. It is a wood-type spirit beast, can control plants within a small radius, and is adept with poisonous attacks.

Appearance Edit

This spirit beast is green all over, and is hard to see it in the green jungle if one didn’t look closely. The Jade Ocean Spirit Ape is about one and a half meters tall, and it had an extremely lean and muscular body. Its entire body is covered by green fur, and one can feel that its relatively small frame is filled with strength and power. Its eyes are dark green and ferocious, and two enormous fangs protrudes from its lips. The ape’s abdominal area swells continuously as the green light on its body becomes stronger.

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