Ji Xiang
Ji Xiang
Name Ji Xiang
Also Known As Sea God's Disciple
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master Tang San
Spirit Needle
Spirit Rank Spirit Master - Rank 15+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Pirate Doctor
Affiliation Tang Sect

Purple Pearl Pirates

Light Novel Debut Chapter 211
Manhua Debut Chapter 199

Appearance Edit

Ji Xiang is a slender youth with deeply tanned skin, red eyes and red hair. He's often seen in simple white clothing, lugging around a large green backpack.

Personality Edit

Ji Xiang is a kind, if somewhat naive youth. He truly cares for human life, and is tolerant of people of all walks of life. (Though he's a bit biased towards nobles.) When working, he's an efficient and calm person.

History Edit

Ji Xiang was born on the Sea God Island. He awakened his Spirit with an innate Spirit Power 0, which meant that he can neither cultivate, nor pass any level of the Sea God Trials. Seeing his prospects, Ji Xiang ultimately left the Sea God Island for Purple Pearl Island, where he became an accomplished and respected doctor.

Plot Edit

Ji Xiang after having saved the life of Tang San after his fight with the 100,000 year old spirit beast, he is accepted as Tang San's disciple. Tang San needing to release the overflowing sea spirit spirit power in his meridians, else he might die, thus, because Ji Xiang was nearby, he used him along with a few other passerby's to forcefully release and channel the spirit power. Learning of Ji Xiang's Innate Spirit Power of 0, goes and opens up his meridians and teaches him to secret arts of the Tang Sect.

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