Justsky Academy came from the Heavenly Soul Empire and during the last tournament was able to become one of the top eight teams. They lost to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy in the quarterfinals. In terms of overall strength, it’s possible that they’ve improved enough to give them the strength needed to reach the top four.

Justsky Academy was actually even more insistent towards pure soul masters than Shrek Academy. They simply didn’t even have a division for soul engineers; they only nurtured soul masters. There are three Soul Kings and four Soul Ancestors in their lineup of seven. Even Wang Yan from Shrek believed that a team fight is the only way they would have a sliver of hope of winning vs this team.

Jutsky Academy had easily obtained their victories so far during the round-robin tournament, and this even included the Thousand Spirits Academy. The match vs Shrek was a 2-2-3 but they were still able to barely win. But Justsky still advanced taking 2nd position in the group. They won another match but then met Shrek in the quarterfinals they were the weakest of the top eight teams, who was not unfamiliar to them.

Now, with two soul emperors and a soul king, there was no question about the results of this round. Justsky Academy was completely trashed, as Shrek trampled over them and entered the top four. Everybody thought that Shrek Academy wouldn’t use the same tactics again. However, the moment he stepped up, Xu Sanshi played the same trick without hesitation and forcefully swapped Ye Wu Qing into his own formation. Ye Wuqing wasn’t given a chance at all before he was trampled over. Not every participating party had an expensive disposable soul tool like the Invincible Barrier. Xu Sanshi, that indecent fellow, triggered the Mysterious Underworld Quake after swapping with his opponent to slow the others down. He had then leaped off the stage before his opponents could surround him. Justsky Academy didn’t stand a chance without Ye Wu Qing, and the remainder of the contest was ended quickly.


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