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It possesses the ability of the Earthworm’s Turn, so it is of the earth attribute. Fusing with it will allow someone to have extraordinary elevation in his ability to control the earth and even increase the spirit skills on a large scale.

Human Form[]

It looks like a person with the bulkiest body amongst his peers.


Yuanen Yehui absorbed the Earthworm Pumpkin once she reached rank 80 and obtained two spirit skills. It helped improve her strength and defense.

Soul Land III Plot[]

Volume 10 - The Blood God Legion and the Abyssal Plane []

There was a Black Jade Divine Bamboo in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. It came with Tang Wulin.He and the other plant Spirit Beasts left their seed with the Eternal Tree. It would later become the spirit soul for .

Volume 10 - The Blood God Legion and the Abyssal Plane []

Land Dragon Golden Melon was one of the six plant great beasts that was able to cultivate past 100,000 years and survive the heavenly tribulation. When the seven devils, Gu Yuena, and Zang Xin showed up at the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, they were not happy to see them.[1] When Zang Xin demand a herb or fruit for each of the devils including Yuena, they tried to chase them away using the remnant souls of the Water and Fire Dragon Kings, but was stopped by Gu Yuena.[2] They tried again, only to be stopped and intimidated by Zang Xin and forced to agree.[3]

The Great Beasts guided them around the well. Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi and Gu Yuena picked out their herbs, the Star Luo Spirit Bead, the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb, and the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, and started absorbing them. Tang Wulin was absorbing part of the Chrysanthemum with Yuena. Tulip made an offer to the remaining four devils to become their spirit soul, but was refused.[4] Wulin was the only one to accepted his offer. When Wulin revealed his status as a child of nature, the six spirit beasts begin arguing on who should become Wulin's spirit soul.[5] Each of the great beasts presented their abilities to Wulin. Golden Melon was last in line. In the end, Tulip was chosen.

Wulin made an contract with the Great Beasts in exchange for them to become spirit souls for him and his friends.[6] They resided themselves in Wulin's spirit sea next to the seed of nature until the devils are ready to break through.[7] Chaotic Element Immortal Herb gave his seed to Wulin and became Xu Lizhi's spirit soul.[8]

Volume 15 - Joust For a Spouse[]

Land Dragon Golden Melon became the Spirit Soul of Yuanen Yehui after she reached rank 80.[9]

Volume ?[]

He and the other plant Spirit Beasts' seeds were given by Wulin to the Eternal Tree be planted around the Eternal Tree.

Soul Land IV Plot[]

The seed left by the predecessor grew and he was able to overcome the heavenly tribulation and reach the God Level with the help of the Eternal Tree and Tang Wulins' blessing.