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Lang Yue
Lang Yue
Name Lang Yue
Chinese 琅玥
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Gray
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Tang Ziran (Husband)

Tang Wulin (Adopted Son)
Nuo Er (Adopted Daughter)
Mang Tian (Senior Brother)

Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Housewife
Light Novel Debut Chapter 03
Manhua Debut Chapter 2.1
Lang Yue is the wife of Tang Ziran and adoptive mother of Tang Wulin. She is a normal housewife and has no spirit power. She is an amazing cook.

Appearance Edit

Lang Yue couldn’t be regarded as a beauty, but she was definitely charming.

Lang Yue in the first page cover of chapter 10 wearing a bikini is very hot. She has a very curvaceous and voluptuous body which can make many fall in love with her body. She is an undeniable sexy woman.

Personality Edit

A caring mother, who loves to dote on her children. She hates to see Wulin get hurt.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 - Awakening Edit

Glorybound City Edit

Lang Yue was at home, waiting for Tang Ziran and Tang Wulin to come home and eat lunch, but Wulin was not hungry and went to sleep. She was surprised and worried about Wulin because he had spirit power, but it was only rank 3 and his martial spirit was Bluesilver Grass.

Later that day, she called for Tang Wulin, wondering where he was, and he came out of the bathroom in his underwear. Lang Yue ushered him to his bedroom to put on some clothes.

The family then sat down for dinner, after Wulin's stomach started growling. Lang Yue was extremely shocked at the number of rice bowls he ate, even if he did skip lunch.

Mang Tian's Workshop Edit

Three Years Later Edit

Tang Wulin's First Spirit Soul Edit

Na'er Disappeared Edit

Missing Edit

Lang Yue disappeared with Tang Ziran and they went to the Dou Ling Continent because of a commission Tang Ziran accepted. Before leaving, they saw off Tang Wulin at the train station.

Volume Edit

The Land of Dou Ling Edit

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