Large-Palmed Black Tiger
Name Large-Palmed Black Tiger
Also Known As
Age 20.000+ years
Species Black Tiger
Vital Status Spirit Soul

Description Edit

The Large-Palmed Black Tiger is a ferocious spirit beast that is adept in melee. Tigers are typically highly regarded within the forest, but very few tigers can go further after reaching a hundred thousand years. It is because tigers are innately domineering and overbearing, and after breaking through a hundred thousand years, they are likely to threaten the ruler’s sovereignty.

Appearance Edit

Its entire body is pitch-black, and there was a white “King” etches onto its forehead. It is five meters long, and even though it is old and infirm, one can tell see its power when it is in its prime. Its skeleton is large, and its four paws are especially thick and wide.

History Edit

He was an old Spirit Beast that participated in the Tide Beast. He used to live in the Star Dou Forest. He was the first Spirit Soul in the experimentation before the war. He was the Spirit Soul of Dai Huabin.

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