Le Qingling is a spirit master who found Tang Wulin unconscious on the beach one day.


Plot[edit | edit source]


Volume 1 - The Child From The Egg[edit | edit source]

Le Qingling found a man washed up upon the shore wearing nothing. The man was named by her as Tang Yue who was the amnesiac state of Tang Wulin. She later took him in and became his manager for his idol career because she wanted use him to earn money and became rich.

She later developed love feelings for Tang Yue after he became an idol but the latter doesn't respond to her and only sees her as his benefactor and little sister. With the addition of Nana, Tang Yue began chasing after Nana as she appeared in the fragments of his memories. Qingling's feelings of love became uneasy.

In Volume 14, Tang Wulin decided to leave and give all his money to Qingling to thank her for helping him all these years He doesn't want to sing anymore and just wants to live near and be close with Xuanyu and Gu Yuena.

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