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Lei Xiang


Lei Profile

Baserker Mode

Chinese 雷翔
Alias Mad God

Berserker God

Vital Status Alive
Age 16 (start of Mad God)
Species Half-Human


Gender Male
Height 2.00m
Hair Color Light Green

Crimson (Berserk Mode)
Black (Fallen Angel)

White (12Wings)

Eye Color Black

Crimson (Berserk Mode)

Spouse Zi Xue

Zi Yan
Mo Yue
Bai Jian

Relatives Lei Ao / King Beamon (Father)

Zi Yun / Ling Ling (Mother)
Lei Long (Brother)
Lei Hu (Brother)
Lei Sibing (Son)

Disciple(s) Suru
Friend(s) Jin Yin

Pan Zhong
Meng Ke


Allies Laner

Lan Xuan

Jin Gecan Biyin (Jinbo)

Affiliation(s) Beast Empire

Great God Circle

Realm Continent Jinyuan Continent
Country Beastman Empire
First Appearance
Novel | Mad God Ch. 1
Manhua | Kuang Shen Ch. 1

Lei Xiang is the main protagonist of Mad God a work by Tang Jia San Shao. A member of the Divine Council in the Great Circle of Gods.

Appearance Edit

Lei Xiang has a tall and strong body with long green hair and a attractive face. His hair color changes to red when going berserk or to black when transforming into a Fallen Angel. He also gains wings as Fallen Angel. The amount of wings corresponds to the level of his Fallen Angel Arts.

Personality Edit

Lei Xiang has a cold and proud personality. He is very aggressive and easy to irritate. Only in front of his loved ones he becomes gentle and emotional.

History Edit

Lei Xiang is the child born from Lei Ao and Zi Yun. He is child conceived through rape as his Zi Yunwas kidnapped and forced to be the wife of Lei Ao. In his body flows the blood of humans, demons and beastman. He grows up with only the love of his demon grandmother. Later his grandmother got killed by a guard of his father and he first time went berserk and killed the guard in turn. As having a body capable of going berserk is rare he starts to be valued by his father and learns martial art from him. He also starts to learn black magic to become a Fallen Angel a heritage of the royal clan of the demons he got from his grandmother. After turning sixteen he gets send to the Human Empire as a spy due to his human looks.

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