Life Seed
Name Life Seed
Chinese 生命之种
Also Known As Nature Seed

Core of Nature

Type Seed

Description Edit

The Life Seed is the seed that will eventually grow to become the Eternal Tree near the end of Soul Land 3. Tang Wulin was given the seed by the Ancient Golden Tree. He planted the seed in the deepest part of Sea God Lake, when it was contaminated with destructive energy. It is capable of converting the destructive energy using its own life force. The energy consumption may be high, but the life force after the conversion will be more abundant and beneficial for it to take root and germinate. It will be even more powerful than before. Since its original foundation is in the middle of Sea God Lake, and with the innate life force in the abundant water element around, this is the most suitable spot for it to take root once again.[1]

The Life Seed is vital to the safety of the entire continent, perhaps even the entire Douluo Planet. If the Life Seed were to wither, the entire planet will gradually wilt too.[2] In order to keep it from withering, the Life Seed must be supplied with Life energy until it is fully grown.

Plot Edit

When Tang Wulin was given the Life Seed, he had been nourishing the Life Seed inside his body all this while.

The Life Seed begin taking root when it started consuming the destructive energy in the lake, turning it into life energy and nourished itself with the water element in the lake, turning the surrounding lakebed green until a golden seed was visible in the lakebed.

Tang Wulin infused his energy into the seed, causing a shoot to sprout from the seed and break through the soil. It bored through the soil with a strong will, despite being surrounded by the destructive energy, and rippled in the water gracefully.[3] During the moment when it appeared, all the destructive energy within a hundred-meter range surged wildly toward the Life Seed.

A green radiance was emitted from the Life Seed. Upon contact with the green radiance, the destructive energy became a part of it. The green radiance then bored into the soil and channeled itself into the Life Seed’s root.

It had truly proven itself to be the Life Seed! It was growing at a rate that was visible to the naked eyes, while absorbing the destructive energy. It took only a moment before it turned into a tree of about three meters in height. There were seven branches on the tree with seven leaves on each branch. It was translucent green and brimming with a dense life force.[4] The process of taking root was completed.

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