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Table of Contents
Book 1Book 2Book 3

Book 1 - Awakening Edit

Chapter Title
Chapter 1 Awakening Day
Chapter 2 Battle Spirit Awakening
Chapter 3 Little Wu Lin’s Family
Chapter 4 Entering the Academy
Chapter 5 Na’er
Chapter 6 Bringing Her Home
Chapter 7 Stay here and be my little sister
Chapter 8 Learning to Forge
Chapter 9 Gifted
Chapter 10 I will protect you in the future
Chapter 11 Astonishing Recovery
Chapter 12 Three Years Later
Chapter 13 Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammer
Chapter 14 Enough Money at Last
Chapter 15 10th Rank
Chapter 16 The Starry Sky and the Vast Sea
Chapter 17 Spiritual Power Test
Chapter 18 Random Draw
Chapter 19 Spirit Soul
Chapter 20 Fusion
Chapter 21 Rank 11 Spirit Master
Chapter 22 Teacher is also a Spirit Master?
Chapter 23 Variant Battle Spirit
Chapter 24 Na’er Leaves
Chapter 25 Thousand Forgings
Chapter 26 Five Hundred Kilograms of Strength
Chapter 27 Concentration of Forging
Chapter 28 Thousand Refined Heavy Silver
Chapter 29 Understanding Refinement
Chapter 30 Blood Sacrificed Thousand Refinement
Chapter 31 Peak Special Effect
Chapter 32 Heavy Silver Storage Rings
Chapter 33 First Arrival in Eastsea City
Chapter 34 Reporting In
Chapter 35 Roommates
Chapter 36 Fight
Chapter 37 Punishment
Chapter 38 Reparations?
Chapter 39 You Can’t Beat Me in Eating Either
Chapter 40 Cen Yue
Chapter 41 Blacksmith Ranking Test
Chapter 42 Eight Star Saint Craftsman
Chapter 43 Second Rank
Chapter 44 Aren't you just showing off?
Chapter 45 The Worst Class
Chapter 46 Icily Arrogant Prince Charming
Chapter 47 The Battle of Eastsea Park
Chapter 48 Golden Scales
Chapter 49 Unable to Find the Golden Scales
Chapter 50 The First Class
Chapter 51 Match
Chapter 52 Victory Streak
Chapter 53 Hammering Through The Stone Prison
Chapter 54 Treating Him Like Metal
Chapter 55 Shouldn't There Be Rewards?
Chapter 56 Does Your Face Still Hurt?
Chapter 57 Mu Xi's Depression
Chapter 58 Birthing Life
Chapter 59 Accepting Tasks
Chapter 60 Surrounded
Chapter 61 Beat Me and I’ll Act Dignified
Chapter 62 Gu Yue
Chapter 63 Gu Yue vs Xie Xie
Chapter 64 Elemental Mastery
Chapter 65 Did You Win?
Chapter 66 Elementalist?
Chapter 67 Special Training
Chapter 68 Your Opponent is Me!
Chapter 69 Spirit Opening
Chapter 70 Forge for me then!
Chapter 71 Hammer Practice
Chapter 72 The Class Promotion Tournament Begins!
Chapter 73 The First Match of the Class Promotion Tournament!
Chapter 74 The Trio
Chapter 75 The Story of the Stewed Beef
Chapter 76 Two Ring Opponent
Chapter 77 Let Me Face Him!
Chapter 78 Reappearance of the Golden Scales
Chapter 79 Light Dragon Dagger and Golden Scales
Chapter 80 Strange!
Chapter 81 Flying Soul Masters
Chapter 82 Teamwork!
Chapter 83 Guang Biao
Chapter 84 Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring
Chapter 85 White Robes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold (I)
Chapter 86 White Robes and Blue Sword, Sky Ice and Snow Cold (II)
Chapter 87 I Have a Dragon in My Body?
Chapter 88 This Isn’t a Dream!
Chapter 89 Auction House’s Exhibit
Chapter 90 Poor Youth
Chapter 91 The Geniuses of Class One
Chapter 92 Distant Parents
Chapter 93 I Want to Become Strong!
Chapter 94 Witnessing a Miracle
Chapter 95 Geniuses, Wait for Me!

Book 2 - Class Zero Edit

Chapter Title
Chapter 96 Mu Chen’s Guess
Chapter 97 Spirit Item Fusion
Chapter 98 Taking the Spirit Medicine
Chapter 99 The Eve of the First Grade’s Decisive Battle
Chapter 100 Tang Wulin Returns
Chapter 101 The Battle Begins!
Chapter 102 Golden Palm
Chapter 103 Bluesilver Whip
Chapter 104 Gu Yue Erupts
Chapter 105 Golden Dragon Claw
Chapter 106 A Pleasant Surprise in the Future?
Chapter 107 Pondering the Golden Dragon Claw
Chapter 108 Ouyang Zixin
Chapter 109 Class Zero is Established!
Chapter 110 Battle Armor
Chapter 111 Secondary Occupation
Chapter 112 Basic Combat Training
Chapter 113 Test
Chapter 114 Monstrous Numbers
Chapter 115 Martial Soul Awakening?
Chapter 116 Mysterious Organization?
Chapter 117 Teachers
Chapter 118 Senior Sisters
Chapter 118S Wang Jinxi’s Troubles
Chapter 119 Complementing One Another
Chapter 120 Spirit Ascension Plane
Chapter 121 Eastsea Spirit Pagoda
Chapter 122 Entering
Chapter 123 Zhang Yangzi’s Bad Luck
Chapter 124 Xie Xie’s Adventures in the Spirit Ascension Platform 
Chapter 125 Hundred Year Demon Spider and Thousand Year Soul Beast
Chapter 126 The Golden Dragon Claw’s Might
Chapter 127 The Trio Versus the Crystal Bear
Chapter 128 Comrades!
Chapter 129 End of the Spirit Ascension Platform Trials
Chapter 130 Spirit Soul Evolution
Chapter 131 Bind Post Spirit Soul Evolution
Chapter 132 Summary
Chapter 133 Before the Final Exam
Chapter 134 Rebellion Spirit Ascension Platform?
Chapter 135 Closed Door Forging
Chapter 136 Thousand Refined Cloud Titanium Vests
Chapter 137 Rebellion Spirit Ascension Platform
Chapter 138 Meeting Mu Xi
Chapter 139 Reencounter with the Man-Faced Demon Spider
Chapter 140 Team Battle Against the Demon Spider
Chapter 141 True Control
Chapter 142 Massacre of the Toxic Spider Web
Chapter 143 Another Chance at Spirit Ascension
Chapter 144 Ice Staff Siblings
Chapter 145 The Powerful Gu Yue
Chapter 146 Successive Eliminations
Chapter 147 The True King
Chapter 148 Full Marks and 99 Points
Chapter 149 It’s Possible In Theory
Chapter 150 The Xu Clan’s Siblings
Chapter 151 A Problem Appears
Chapter 152 Wang Jinxi’s Pain
Chapter 153 Leaving
Chapter 154 The Arrogant and Pampered Ice Staff Guy
Chapter 155 You have the scent of a woman on you!
Chapter 156 Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong
Chapter 157 A Formidable Opponent
Chapter 158 Tang Sect
Chapter 159 Gu Yue’s Decision
Chapter 160 The Rules of the Tang Sect
Chapter 161 Mysterious Heaven Method
Chapter 162 Deep Meditation Troubles
Chapter 163 The Melancholic Prince Charming
Chapter 164 The Grave of Long Bing
Chapter 165 Branchmaster Zhao of the Tang Sect
Chapter 166 The Legends of the Tang Sect
Chapter 167 Tang Wulin’s Endurance
Chapter 168 Intermediate Spirit Ascension Platform
Chapter 169 The Backgrounds of the Four Spirit Items
Chapter 170 Thousand-Year Frozen Grass
Chapter 171 Battle Armor!
Chapter 172 To Lose and Regain!

Book 3 - The Spirit Ascension Platform Edit

Chapter Title
Chapter 173 Ice Fire Demon Tiger
Chapter 174 The Skyfrost Annihilation of the Demonic Tiger
Chapter 175 Wu Zhangkong’s Soul Skill
Chapter 176 Three-Eyed Demon Ape
Chapter 177 Ten-Thousand-Year Soul Skill
Chapter 178 Breaking Through the Crisis!
Chapter 179 Another Spirit Soul Evolution
Chapter 180 Improvement
Chapter 181 A New Semester Begins
Chapter 182 Transfer Student Xu Xiaoyan
Chapter 183 An Explosion of Spiritual Power
Chapter 184 Tang Wulin’s Thousand-Year Soul Ring
Chapter 185 The Power of Thousand-Year Bluesilver Grass
Chapter 186 Welcome to Class Zero
Chapter 187 Forging at the Skysea Alliance Tournament!
Chapter 188 Thousand Refined Blue Coppertite
Chapter 189 The Halo and the Fourth Rank Blacksmith
Chapter 190 Starwheel Ice Staff
Chapter 191 Requesting a Match
Chapter 191 (II) Victory!
Chapter 192 For the Money!
Chapter 193 Setting Off for the Tournament
Chapter 194 Sleeping to Rank 17
Chapter 195 Blacksmiths
Chapter 196 Struggle to the End!
Chapter 197 The Students of Shrek
Chapter 198 Drawing Lots
Chapter 199 Eating Together
Chapter 200 Paying the Bill
Chapter 201 The Tournament Begins
Chapter 202 High-Grade
Chapter 203 A Swift Victory
Chapter 204 Wait and See
Chapter 205 Breaking a Record
Chapter 206 Believe in Me!
Chapter 207 Follow My Rhythm
Chapter 208 Comprehension and Mu Xi’s Advancement
Chapter 209 She’s the Opponent?
Chapter 210 Stargod Sword
Chapter 211 A Glorious Defeat
Chapter 212 Tough and Thick Skin
Chapter 213 The Third Tang Sect Art
Chapter 214 Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon
Chapter 215 Tactfully Declining Temptation
Chapter 216 True Intentions
Chapter 217 The Tip of Class Zero
Chapter 218 Guide Rather Than Oppose
Chapter 219 Powerful Opponents
Chapter 220 Request for the Inner Court Quotas
Chapter 221 Twin Sisters
Chapter 222 Suppressed and Restrained
Chapter 223 Gu Yue Acts
Chapter 224 Martial Soul Fusion Skill
Chapter 225 Forest of Ice
Chapter 226 Powerful
Chapter 227 Sky Ice Battle Armor
Chapter 228 Advancing to Soul Sage
Chapter 229 Time Flies
Chapter 230 Spirit Item Exchange
Chapter 231 Final Exam
Chapter 232 Blazing Demon Lions
Chapter 233 Waiting for an Opening
Chapter 234 Total Victory
Chapter 235 Starlight Chaos
Chapter 236 Onward
Chapter 237 The Heart of the Forest
Chapter 238 Battling the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear
Chapter 239 The Final Strike
Chapter 240 Spirit Ascension Platform Guardian
Chapter 241 Golden Dragon Dreadclaw
Chapter 242 Passing the Exam
Chapter 243 The Boy and the Man
Chapter 244 Departure
Chapter 245 The Legendary Shrek City
Chapter 246 The Surprising Auction
Chapter 247 Ready
Chapter 248 Breaking the Second Seal
Chapter 249 Dignity and the Future

Book 4 - Trials of Shrek Academy Edit

Chapter Title
Chapter 250 The Academy City
Chapter 251 Let Him Kneel
Chapter 252 The Breakthrough of the Second Seal
Chapter 253 To the Exam!
Chapter 254 The Golden Dragon and the Black Dragon
Chapter 255 The Potential of a Little Monster
Chapter 256 Golden Soul Ring
Chapter 257 Bloodline Soul Skill: Golden Dragon Body
Chapter 258 Dominating the Third Trial
Chapter 259 Testing Specialities
Chapter 260 The Fourth Trial
Chapter 261 A Test of Strength
Chapter 262 Titled Douluo
Chapter 263 I Don’t Want To!
Chapter 264 Trial of Eating? Please
Chapter 265 Points
Chapter 266 To Battle
Chapter 267 The Snow Leopard of Ten
Chapter 268 Battle of Patience, Biding Time
Chapter 269 Xie Xie’s Terrifying Opponent
Chapter 270 The Ambitious Xie Xie
Chapter 271 Bizarre Battle
Chapter 272 Nice Acting!
Chapter 273 Survive
Chapter 274 The Ninth Trial
Chapter 275 Auspicious Emperor
Chapter 276 Three-eyed Golden Lion
Chapter 277 Decisions
Chapter 278 No Regrets!
Chapter 279 Grandteacher?
Chapter 280 Fifth Rank for a Full Score
Chapter 281 The Heart is the Hammer, the Martial Soul is the Guide
Chapter 282 One Step to the Heavens! Ten Thousand Refinements of Life!
Chapter 283 Spirit Refined
Chapter 284 Master Craftsman
Chapter 285 Sea God’s Island
Chapter 286 Dreams of Battle Armor
Chapter 287 Black Steamed Buns
Chapter 288 The Status of a Working Student
Chapter 289 Tang Wulin the Wicked
Chapter 290 Ceramic Mountain
Chapter 291 Give Me Her Number!
Chapter 292 The Holy Angel and the Fallen Angel
Chapter 293 The Headmaster of the Outercourt
Chapter 294 A Turn for the Worse
Chapter 295 The Pressure of Shrek
Chapter 296 Time Waits for No One
Chapter 297 Working Student Yuanen
Chapter 298 Meteoric Iron
Chapter 299 The Might of Spirit Refined
Chapter 300 Feng Wuyu
Chapter 301 Titan Giant Ape Martial Soul
Chapter 302 Genius Working Students
Chapter 303 Mu Chen Resigns
Chapter 304 Yue Zhengyu
Chapter 305 The Battle for Class President
Chapter 306 Forming Groups
Chapter 307 Duskgold Bear Martial Soul
Chapter 308 Jade Snake Zheng Yiran
Chapter 309 Demon Scythe
Chapter 310 Continental Rankings
Chapter 311 The Number One Genius of the First Grade
Chapter 312 Hell Wu Siduo
Chapter 313 Twin Souled Wu Siduo
Chapter 314 Self-Soul Fusion Skill
Chapter 315 The Importance of Class President
Chapter 316 The Final Battle
Chapter 317 A Thousand Stones Breaks the Scythe
Chapter 318 One Versus One
Chapter 319 The Victor
Chapter 320 The Class Representatives
Chapter 321 Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua
Chapter 322 Everyone Schemes
Chapter 323 Dividing the First Grade
Chapter 324 Rejection
Chapter 325 Seeing What Shouldn’t Be Seen
Chapter 326 Fury
Chapter 327 Consequences

Book 5 - Rising Edit

Chapter Title
Chapter 328 The World Isn't Fair
Chapter 329 Mecha or Battle Armor?
Chapter 330 Objective: One-word Battle Armor
Chapter 331 Mu Chen Arrives
Chapter 332 Second Grade Senior Sister
Chapter 333 I'm Here to Apologize
Chapter 334 Breaking Through
Chapter 335 The Class President is Absent
Chapter 336 Three-ringed Soul Elder
Chapter 337 Gorging
Chapter 338 Heartwarming
Chapter 339 Dragon Shocks the Heavens
Chapter 340 The Blazing Fire Dragon and the Scarlet Armored Dragon
Chapter 341 Sparring
Chapter 342 Team Battle Against Wu Zhangkong
Chapter 343 Total Defeat
Chapter 344 Dispelling Doubts
Chapter 345 The First Battle Armor Piece
Chapter 346 Alloy
Chapter 347 Picking up a Treasure
Chapter 348 Spirit Alloy
Chapter 349 Saint Blacksmith's Notebook
Chapter 350 Shocked
Chapter 351 The Right Path
Chapter 352 Tower Attack
Chapter 353 Ninety-one Percent
Chapter 354 Yuanen Yehui's Condition
Chapter 355 Little Fatty Became a Big Fatty!
Chapter 356 The Miracle of Food
Chapter 357 Little Goldlight
Chapter 358 Warm and Soft
Chapter 359 Entering the Tower
Chapter 360 Charging Through the Tower
Chapter 361 Advancing
Chapter 362 Battling the Ice Bears
Chapter 363 Teasing
Chapter 364 Seconds
Chapter 365 Opposites Attract
Chapter 366 Goldsong
Chapter 367 Elemental Stripping
Chapter 368 Yuanen Yehui's Choice
Chapter 369 The Mighty Diamond Baboon
Chapter 370 Don't Judge a Bun by its Folds
Chapter 371 Marginal Victory
Chapter 372 Heavenly Phoenix Douluo
Chapter 373 Four-word Battle Armor Master
Chapter 374 Determination
Chapter 375 Eyes
Chapter 376 Reunion with Ye Xinglan
Chapter 377 Genius Youths Ranking? What's That?
Chapter 378 New Companions
Chapter 379 Divine Alloy
Chapter 380 Divine Foundation Metal
Chapter 381 Undiscouraged
Chapter 382 A Small Bet
Chapter 383 The Selection Tournament
Chapter 384 The Decisive Battle of the First Grade
Chapter 385 Tang Wulin's Third Soul Skill
Chapter 386 Xie Xie's Bravery
Chapter 387 All Out
Chapter 388 Battle Armor of Resplendent Light!
Chapter 389 Starlight Threads Draw the Finished Battle Armor
Chapter 390 Blood Essence Reversal, Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens
Chapter 391 Three Versus Three
Chapter 392 Xu Lizhi of the Tang Sect
Chapter 393 United
Chapter 394 Secret Weapon
Chapter 395 The Real Class President
Chapter 396 Freely Admit Defeat, Bow and Submit
Chapter 397 The Twin Dragons Arrive
Chapter 398 The First Match
Chapter 399 A Powerful Opponent
Chapter 400 Resplendent Gold, Titanium Crystal's Spirit Ascends
Chapter 401 Spirit Refined Titanium Gold
Chapter 402 Life-bestowed Titanium Gold
Chapter 403 Six Versus Six
Chapter 404 A Battle of Kings
Chapter 405 Devil Titan
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