Lin Ximeng
Lin Ximeng
Name Lin Ximeng
Chinese 林惜梦
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 20+ years
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Disciple Tang Wulin
Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Homeroom Teacher
Affiliation Red Mountain Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 4
Manhua Debut Chapter 2

 Appearance Edit

She has long brown hair tied up on top of her head with a orange chicken accessory. Her eyes are green and she wears a white long shirt and pink coat over it.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 - Awakening Edit

Red Mountain Academy Edit

Lin Ximeng was the homeroom teacher of Tang Wulin at Red Mountain Academy. She teaches the basic knowledge required for Spirit Masters over the first three years.

When everyone was introducing themselves, she was startled when Tang Wulin showed his spirit to be Bluesilver Grass. They then begin class.

In the Manhua, she tried to contain her laughter when Tang Wulin showed his spirit.

Three Years[1] Edit

As Lin Ximeng taught her students for the next three years, she was shocked by Tang Wulin's cultivation speed. Cultivating to rank 10 soul power from rank 3 innate soul power in three years couldn’t be considered fast among Soul Masters. At most, it was only considered an average speed.

However, his martial soul was Bluesilver Grass! Cultivating to rank 10 in three years with this kind of trash martial soul certainly couldn’t be considered slow. Although it couldn’t be compared with those geniuses, it was still within the upper levels within the class.

As Lin Ximeng guided Tang Wulin, she discovered that this child had a gift for meditation. It was very easy for him to sense the energy in the atmosphere. Moreover, his meditative state was exceedingly focused. Later, she discovered the cause of Tang Wulin’s fast cultivation speed. This child’s spiritual power was far higher than his peers, enabling him to cultivate with more focus and thus, speed.

If even one more student was able to reach rank 10 before graduation, the teacher would win glory as well as a bonus. Thus, in their last year of studies, Lin Ximeng had treated Tang Wulin with much more importance. She would frequently give him pointers and one on one instruction. Tang Wulin didn’t disappoint her either. With half a month to spare before graduation, Tang Wulin had reached rank 9 and was just a step away from rank 10.

First Spirit Soul Edit

When Tang Wulin reached rank 10, she had him take a spirit power test to make sure and advised him to get a spirit soul as quickly as he can.

During the past three years, Lin Ximeng had taught her class about spirit souls as well as what fusion felt like.

Graduation Edit

Lin Ximeng handed Tang Wulin and the rest of the students who had reached rank 10 a recommendation letter to a intermediate academy.

(End of Plot)

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Manhua, she was trying to hold her laughter when Tang Wulin revealed his spirit
  • She calls Tang Wulin Bluesilver Grass student

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