Ling Wuyue
Name Ling Wuyue
Chinese 凌舞月
Also Known As Mad Witch

Mad Woman
Crazy Woman

Species Human
Age Around the same as Jiang Wuyue
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Boomerang
Spirit Rank Spirit King (魂王) - Rank 50+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

3 Purple

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Federation Soldier

Mecha Master
Spirit Master

Affiliation Blood God Army
Light Novel Debut Chapter 992
Manhua Debut

Ling Wuyue is an ace Mecha Master within the Blood God Army and a deputy regiment commander.

Appearance Edit

Ling Wuyue was not too bad, but not that great either. She was a staunch woman with bones that were slightly larger than other girls.

She was tall, had a slender build, but her shoulders were a tad broad. Also, she looked hale and hearty. Her eyes were brimming with vigor, and her short hair was spiked up like steel needles. She was valiant and heroic in bearing.

Personality Edit

She is very stubborn and quick to anger. She is also straightforward and direct.

History Edit

Ling Wuyue and Jiang Wuyue grew up together. When she turned 25, she asked Wuyue out, but got turned down. Enraged, Ling Wuyue challenged Jiang Wuyue on the spot. She lost on a one-one battle, so she challenged Jiang Wuyue again. This time, she used her black Mecha and won. From then on, whenever she saw him, she will always challenge him to a match.

Plot Edit

Ling Wuyue first appeared in the first match of the Mecha round-robin tournament of the Star Dou Battle Network against Tang Wulin. At first, she overwhelmed Wulin with her excellent control skills and use of 3 boomerangs. Wulin had to resort to catching her boomerang martial soul with his golden dragon claw and use the Overlord Dragon to beat her. After losing the battle, she believed Jiang Wuyue was the one defeated her, so she told him to meet her. From her questioning, Jiang Wuyue told her it was a newcomer, Tang Wulin, who defeat her. She demanded him to call Tang Wulin.

She and Jiang Wuyue met with Tang Wulin outside the gravity training room. She challenged Wulin to a match and he happily agreed. They went to the Mecha combat arena. Ling Wuyue used her black Mecha and one-word Battle Armour, while Tang Wulin used his Two-word Battle Armour and the Golden Dragon Spear. She ended up defeated by Tang Wulin's Blood Soul Fusion Skill. After the battle, she agreed to Wulin's request of teaching him Mecha techniques in exchange for forging her a Two-word Battle Armour.

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