Ling Zichen
Ling Zichen
Name Ling Zichen
Chinese 凌梓晨
Also Known As Mad Scientist

Master of Sea God Pavilion (SL4)

Species Human
Age 25+ (SL3)

10.000+ (SL4)

Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status
Relatives Cao Dezhi (Adoptive Father)
Disciple Yi Zichen (SL3 & SL4)
Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Light Novel Debut chapter 1647
Manhua Debut

Trama Edit

She was born from pair of scientist from Tang Sect. After her parent died under explotion of fail experiment, she was adopted by Tang Sect Hall Master, Heartless Douluo, Chao Dezi. Then, in short period, she was selected as Chief of Tang Sect's Technology Research. She was obsessed to invent new tech. Due to effect of the explotion which killed her parent, her body was damage and cant cultivate. So, she developed a Mecha that use mono-source array as power supply which invented by her parent but not finish. She like pink color, so she painted the Mecha with pink. She claimed that although she doesnt has soul power or normal spiritual power, she can operate the mecha that have power attack could be compare to Titled Douluo level.

In SL3, Tang Wulin used her knowledge to save a 12th-rank Soul Guidence Fixed Bomb in base of Shrek Academy. The bomb was taken from hands of Spirit Pagoda, and Shrek used it to counter the pressure given by Hawk Faction of Federation and Spirit Pagoda. To strenghten defense of Shrek, Ling Zichen used mono-source array as foundation to build Layers of Energy Defense that enveloped whole Shrek including Eternal Tree. She claimed that even the 12-level Soul Fixed Bomb couldnt destroy Shrek Academy again.

On early Collision with creatures of Abyssal Plane and evil spirit master from Holy Spirit Cult in Northland of Douluo Continent, the Forces of Federation, Shrek, Spirit Pagoda, Tang Sect, and hidden sects, got frustation because they cant bring damage to Blood River God Kill Array, which built from million souls of victims of explotion in Shrek City. To solved this problem, Ling Zichen proposed an idea to Tang Wulin, to bring the 12th-rank Soul Guidence Fixed Bomb from Shrek and launch it to the Blood Array.

In Shrek, Ling Zichen talked with Tang Wulin about the secret of the god killer bomb. The bomb could be use repeatly in some period if its source array, which used same principle with her mono-source array, implant within body. If the host has enough endurance, like a Limit Douluo, it can be describe as Ultimate Weapon. So, she wanted to implant its array to her body, so she could fight alongside Tang Wulin, and it will be key for Human to solve stale state of war. Tang Wulin aggred after considering it for a moment, and Ling Zichen said that she wanted a drip of his blood for experiment. Tang Wulin gave her his blood although in fact she used it to make a clone of Wulin.

Ling Zichen successed implant source array of the 12th-rank Soul Guidence Bomb into her body, then she used it twice. First, to destroyed the Blood River God Killer Array, second to damage Abyssal Lord. In first try, she nearly perish before saved by Tang Wulin, and put her down close to mini-Eternal Tree to replenish her vitality. In second try, she truly perished. But, in the end of war, she was ressurected by Ah Yin, and gain normal and healthy body. But, she depresed because her source array within her body had vanished.

Every time Ling Zichen came with an idea, it will be beyond sanity of ordinary people, spirit master, even another researcher. Due to her idea to implant the mono-source array of 12th-rank Soul Guidence Fixed Bomb into her body, and she flew herself twice to used it which watched by human army, then pople called her as Mad/Crazy Scientist Woman.

In Soul Land 4 , she is master of Sea God Pavilion, she still retains her grumpiness and bad temper. A charming young man in white is always with her as her friend and student, according to their conversation, they have been together for ten thousands years, according to the present informations, this young man is Yi Zichen

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