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Spirit Beasts are animals or plants which releases their souls after they are killed, which can be absorbed by the person who killed them given that he has reached the promotion stage. Spirit Beasts are Classified based on their age and the colour of the Spirit Rings released after death depends on their age.

Story-specific Lists


10 -
100 -
1,000 -
10,000 -
100,000 -
1,000,000 and over
San Mei 3
Blue Silver King Mug
Datura Snake Mug
Datura Snake 1000 Mug
Flame Lion King
Ghost Wolf
Giant Earth King Mug
ISE TrueBody 01
Ice Titan
Ice Silk Worm
Daydream Mug
Man Faced Demon Spider 5000 Mug
Mirro Image Beast-0
Phantom Tiger Mug
Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent Mug
Pink Queen Mug
Pit Demon Spider Mug
Prussian Claw
Xiao Wu Rabbit
Radish Spirit 10yr
Radish Spirit 100yr
Da Ming Mug
Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent
Er Ming Mug
Unicorn Armoured Beast Mug
Wind Baboon
Wind Spirit Wolf

Key to the list

  • Place the mouse on the images to see the name of each beast.
  • Click on the images to head to their respective page.
  • Horizontally, you see the age progressions of the same Spirit Beasts.
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