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Impulsive? Why can’t I be impulsive? Tang San, if you’re still a man, follow me to Spirit Hall. Even if I die, I’ll still turn the sky and earth upside down.
— Liu Erlong


She is a beautiful woman seemingly in her thirties with a charming figure. Her facial features are delicate, appearance like a painting. Although her big black eyes looked lifeless, they still had spirit. She has a well developed figure. She has a very gentle and melodious voice.

In the Manhua, she has long, red hair bound in a high ponytail, and deep scarlet eyes. She wears round earrings matching her eyes, a long red dress, and a blue bow choker.


She is a quick tempered person, leading to extremely violent tendencies that lack any compassion. She struggles to control her killing urges, especially when emotionally distraught, and frequently displays violence so horrific witnesses vomit on the sight. After her mother's death, slaughter has been her greatest pleasure. Only seeing the blood of her enemies blossoming in her hands, and seeing her enemies life trickle down her fingers, makes her feel relaxed and delighted.[1] Yu Xiaogang is noted to be one of the only people who can snap her out of a murderous rampage. His request alone can hold her back enough to stun, rather than kill, her enemies.[2]

However, despite her violent flaws, she is very faithful and loyal, and shows true gentleness to those she loves. As a child, she was hardworking and diligent, while caring for her beloved mother. She doesn't care for nobility, considering them generally weak and pampered.


Liu Erlong is the illegitimate daughter of Yu Luomian born of a prostitute. She never had a true childhood, working hard to become strong enough to provide justice for her mother, to the point of barely resting. But before she could earn strength and recognition, her mother died young of illness. The trauma made something snap in Liu Erlong, and from that day forward, slaughter was her greatest pleasure, and she was never truly relaxed unless killing. [1]

She adopted her mother's maiden name, and set out to travel the world. She met up with Yu Xiaogang and Flender and formed the Golden Iron Triangle. Spending time with her companions tempered her killing urges somewhat, and she was able to travel happily with them.

After a time, Flender confessed his love to her, but she turned him down, stating she loved Yu Xiaogang instead. Flender eventually set aside his feelings, and wholeheartedly supported the relationship of his two friends, giving them his blessing to be together. Erlong and Xiaogang were married by Flender in a small ceremony.

On the day of their marriage, her father arrived, and revealed he was Xiaogang's biological uncle, making them first cousins. Yu Xiaogang ran away in grief, with Liu Erlong searching for his whereabouts. Their marriage was never initially consummated, and Liu Erlong remained a virgin the entire twenty years of their separation. [3]

After being abandoned by her new husband, Liu Erlong's original killing intent surged forward once again, and she wiped out an entire Spirit Beast forest. The massacred place has been irreedemable ever since. She went on a violent rampage, slaughtering all criminals without a chance for survival, even if their crime was only minor.[1] She continued on her massacring warpath until meeting with Flender again, who stayed by her side and continuously worked to straighten her out. Eventually, her rage calmed, and she left Flender again, and established the Blue Tyrant Academy, cultivating her character by herself in the forest to restrain her killing instincts.


New Shrek Academy[]

Liu Erlong Crying.jpg

She is first seen singing a song living alone in a beautiful cottage in a forest in the Blue Tyrant Academy. She cries on reuniting with Yu Xiaogang. She immediately hands over all control of the Blue Tyrant Academy to Flender, renaming it Shrek Academy.

She, intending to never let Yu Xiaogang slip from her hands again, keeps a close watch over him. After Tang San gets kidnapped by Dugu Bo she immediately sets out with Flender and Yu Xiaogang in search of him. After confronting Dugu Bo they undergo Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion and fight him. Their fight is however stopped by Tang San.

Sunset Forest[]

She goes along with the Shrek Seven Devils to collect Spirit Rings at Sunset Forest for the ones having reached rank 40. She along with the cooperation of Zhao Wuji and Flender device a trap to seduce Yu Xiaogang. However she gets interrupted by a Giant Earth King causing her to lose her temper. She mercilessly decimates and dismembers the Spirit Beast, leaving the killing strike for Ma Hongjun, who claims Teacher Erlong would be the target of his worship from then forward. [3]

After seeing the savage dismemberment of the Giant Earth King, Dai Mubai comments, “Teacher Erlong really is my idol. Now I know what true violence is. No wonder she’s called the slaughtering corner of the Golden Iron Triangle.”[4]

While the Shrek Seven Devils hunt the Phantom Tiger, she along with the other teachers helps in restraining the other Spirit Beasts. She then helps in capturing a Unicorn Armoured Beast for Ning Rongrong. After stunning the creature with sheer, brute strength, she drags it away to beat it to the brink of death, telling Rongrong to cover her eyes to avoid the scene of carnage. Upon seeing Rongrong's hesitance, Oscar blindfolds her and says he'll go along as well. Erlong laughs, saying it may toughen him up. Later, Oscar vomits heavily from the experience, though he still cleans up the bloodied ground and limbs before Rongrong is finished absorbing the spirit ring, sparing her the sight.

While venting her anger over being rejected by Xiaogang by beating the Unicorn Armoured Beast, Liu Erlong reflected bitterly on her reawakened urge to kill. She notes that while she was happy to meet her husband again, the heart she had calmed with great difficulty was thrown into turmoil again by his reappearance. After facing rejections from him anew, her old bloodlust returned with a vengeance, even more powerful than before. She realizes that if Flender, Xiaogang, and the Shrek Seven Devils weren't present, perhaps her current bloodlust would have expressed itself much more violently.

After Xiao Wu helps protect Yu Xiaogang, nearly at the cost of her life, she asks Xiao Wu to be her disciple, and adopts her as her daughter to fill the gap in her heart from her tragically failed relationship.

Later, she is ecstatic when Yu Xiaogang accepts her as lover, although only emotionally, since sexual contact would be incest. She agrees to his terms happily, knowing he isn't yet at the point to accept her entirely.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[]

Following the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Qualifiers, she trains the Shrek Seven Devils everyday by fighting against them and pressuring them. During the last day of the training she is out-schemed by the Shrek Seven Devils and was defeated. She then beats them up for outwitting her and scheming against her.

After Shrek Academy wins the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament and it is revealed that Xiao Wu is in fact a Spirit Beast, she along with Yu Xiaogang and Flender forms the Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion to protect her even in the face of death against the might of Titled Douluos of the Spirit Hall.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion[]

Liu Erlong along with Yu Xiaogang greets the returned Shrek Devils. She consoles Rongrong who is feeling down about Oscar's disappearance. She is asked by Flender to prepare to showcase the strength of the five Shrek Devils by arranging a competition but unbeknownst to Flender and Zhao Wuji, he pits the two of them against the five Shrek Devils and publicized it in the Academy by posting a huge advert.

Spirit Hall Attacks[]

After hearing about the attack on the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, she visits the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan along with Yu Xiaogang to find that the clan has been annihilated by Spirit Hall and all her family members have been killed. Seeing this lead to Erlong to fall unconscious and be bedridden from grief.

When Xiaogang overexerts himself to train the Spirit Masters without eating or sleeping, Liu Erlong worried and faked illness in order to make him rest. She, along with Grandmaster and Zhao Wuji, oversee the training of Spirit Masters. After Tang San returns and tells her the news of Xiao Wu's sacrifice, she is extremely furious and immediately tries to leave and destroy Spirit Hall, but is stopped by Xiaogang.

Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion[]

When the Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion takes place, she immediately answers Tang San's signal for assistance, arriving at the imperial palace with Xiaogang and Flender. The three of them unleash the Spirit Fusion ability causing She Long and Ci Xue to retreat with the unconscious Qian Renxue. On the way back to Shrek Academy, when they encounter Spirit Hall members fighting Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan members, they unleash the Spirit Fusion,destroying the remaining members of Spirit Hall.


  • Liu Erlong's violence and killing urges are heavily downplayed in both the Manhua and Anime, with several sections about her dismemberments, savage tortures, and overall violence censored to keep bloodshed to a minimum. Notably, her murderous rampage on Spirit Beasts that decimated a forest after being left by Yu Xiaogang, followed by her vigilante justice/murder spree, is omitted from the narratives entirely.
  • Liu Erlong has a variant spirit, the Fire Dragon. While not as powerful as her clan's signature Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon spirit, the fire element is noted to be nearly as compatible as lightning, due to their similar natures.
  • Her spirit is Yin oriented, rather than Huo Wushuang's Yang Fire Dragon variant[5], renamed the One-Horned Tyrant Dragon.
  • In the Manhua, Liu Erlong does not take Xiao Wu as a disciple, but still adopts her.


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