Family Edit

Yu Luomian Edit

Yu Luomian is Liu Erlong's father. She despises him although he is her father and holds no love for him. She leaves as soon as she is capable of, adopting her mother's name. She begins to hate him after he crashes her wedding and reveals Yu Xiaogang is her cousin, and for insulting him.

Golden Iron TriangleEdit

Yu Xiaogang Edit

Yu Xiaogang is her cousin and also her lover. Without knowing that they were cousins they got married, but right after finding out Yu Xiaogang left, leaving her heart broken. She desperately searched for him to no avail, being faithful in her love and not caring what the world would think, only just wanting to be together. After reuniting with him, she swore not to let him slip through her again. She even tried to seduce him and almost succeeded. She was happy when he finally accepted her love for him.

Flender Edit

Liu Erlong considers Flender as a really close friend, her boss and cares for him. When she reunited with him, she immediately handed over all the controlling rights of her Blue Tyrant Academy renaming it as Shrek Academy. She somewhat feels guilty that she couldn't reciprocate Flender's feelings of love for her.

Shrek Seven Devils Edit

Xiao Wu Edit

Following Xiao Wu's near death by a Man Faced Demon Spider, she becomes emotionally attached to her and becomes her adopted mother. She fills up the void in her heart by making Xiao Wu her daughter. She is very protective of her and threatens to harm anyone who would bring sorrow to her. She admires Xiao Wu for her bravery.

Tang San Edit

Liu Erlong admires and cares for Tang San. This is because he is the disciple of her lover and lover of her adopted daughter. She admires his maturity, bravery and intellect.