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Liu Feng
Name Liu Feng
Chinese 刘峰
Also Known As Maniac (Lunatic) - 疯子
Species Human (can live for 200~500 years old)
Age 12

18 (Book 14)

Gender Male
Height ~180 cm
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Gray
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master Xiao Xi
Spirit White Dragon Spear 白龙枪 (1st Awakening)

White Dragon King 白龙王 (2nd Awakening)

Spirit Rank Spirit Sage (魂圣) - Rank 70+
Spiritual Realm Unknown
Spirit Rings 2 Purple

5 Black

System Agility System
Professional Status
Occupation Spirit Master

Inner Court Shrek Academy Student
Battle Armor Master
Mecha Master
Military Officer

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Tang Sect

Light Novel Debut Chapter 81
Manhua Debut Chapter 41

Appearance Edit

Soul Land IV Book 7

IMG 20190616 144616

A sharp youth with gray hair and eyes.

From his maniac training since arriving at Shrek Academy, his body became covered with numerous scars.

At age 15, his height has almost reached 180 cm.

Personality Edit

He is hardworking and cares for his brothers, Lan Xuanyu and Qian Lei. He also does not like to be left behind and would even desires to experience VR self-explosion through Xuanyu's bloodline increase abilities continuously until his spirit dried up in order to improve his White Dragon spirit and standby his friends.

He speaks calmly and bluntly. When striving for a goal, he can become a maniac of willpower.

History Edit

Liu Feng is childhood friends with Qian Lei

Plot Edit

At age 9 became roommates with Lan Xuanyu and Qian Lei of dorm 333 at Tian Luo Soul Academy - Elite Youth Class

By age 12, he became one of his school's top agility system spirit masters and later with his roommates attained acceptance to Shrek Academy. His homeroom teacher became his Master who made him become financially in-debt to her for helping him establish a solid foundation due to his White Dragon Spear's mediocre level.

At age 13, his White Dragon Spear awakened, with Xuanyu's help, to White Dragon King. Xuanyu bought him a 10,000 year Green Vine that increased his physical healing factor and help him attain a stable 4th Ring breakthrough. Because of Xuanyu's negotiations, Liu Feng later contracted on Elf Planet a Thorny Dragon Spirit Soul skilled in the Space element. His White Dragon King also possesses potential in the Space element.

At age 15, with two years of condensing his power at rank 49, Liu Feng breaks through to his 5th ring during his 4th year at Shrek Academy, solidifies his spirit soul connection and awakens teleportation abilities.

Later from God Beast King Er Ming's spirit bone reward cave, Liu Feng obtains a Left Leg Spirit Bone upon Thorny Dragon's advise.

Spirit Soul Edit

Thorny Dragon 荆棘龙 Edit

  • Age: 30,000 years (initially)
  • Attributes: Space element
    • At 100,000 years, it will awaken the Thorny Space Domain
  • Contract Criteria:
    1. Liu Feng follows Xuanyu for at least a decade to obtain Xuanyu's dragon aura assistance
    2. Liu Feng eats 3 Heaven Child Fruits to benefit the Thorny Dragon's evolution
  • This spirit soul will provide 3 Ten-Thousand Year spirit rings (5th, 6th, and 7th rings) based on its initial age of 30,000 years.
  • This spirit soul allows Liu Feng to begin comprehending the Space element.
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