Appearance[edit | edit source]

It has an appearance much like a dog, but its bulk is more like a hog. It is more than one meter fifty in height, and its waist measurement is something similar. On top of its head is a bulging, spherical, unknown something.

Its entire body has pale purple fur (yellow in the manhua), two small drooping ears, a pair of deep blue big blinking eyes, and the expression in its eyes is very gentle. As the fat body sways, the fatty buttocks immediately sways side to side. Four stocky little legs made it hard to imagine just how slow it moved.

Description[edit | edit source]

Luo san pao front view.png
Luo san pao side view.png

Luo San Pao is a variant spirit of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, where the Spirit manifests outside the body. This very spirit is exclusive to Yu Xiaogang and is considered a trash spirit. It seems to have a consciousness of its own. If the Spirit gets damaged or poisoned it affects Yu Xiaogang as well. It attacks by farting and can attack only up to 3 times and requires nourishment following attack. The attacks require incantations, such as (roughly translated) " Break wind like striking thunder, rumble the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!".

San Pao’s sense of smell is very acute, capable of discovering tracks of spirit beasts and how strong they are. Although it has become small and weak because of variation, regarding spirit power the consumption is also very small. Therefore it can be released outside for a long time.

Users[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Thunder Shock[edit | edit source]

Incantation: Break wind like striking thunder, rumble the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!

This causes Luo San Pao to rise into the air and emit a powerful shock-wave.

Mesmerize[edit | edit source]

Incantation: Break wind like mist, mesmerize to deep sleep Luo San Pao!

This sprays a gas which mesmerizes affected targets for a a specific period of time. However it may not be always effective.

Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion[edit | edit source]

Following Spirit Fusion in the Golden Iron Triangle, Luo San Pao becomes the attacking body by growing in size and becoming an extremely powerful Golden Saint Dragon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It grows to twenty meters in length. The scales on its back split open, and two enormous dragon wings unfurl. As the dragon wings extend it is able to hover in the air without the need for support. The originally honest and straightforward eyes radiate power, and just like its body had become completely golden.

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