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Shrek Seven DevilsEdit

Tang San Edit

Ma Hongjun idolizes Tang San for his ingeniousness and battle ability. He has absolute faith in him and will trust his judgement and follow his instructions.

Xiao Wu Edit

Ma Hongjun is a little intimidated by her ferocity and tries not to get on her bad side, since he knows she is the trigger for Tang San's unleashing of wrath.

Dai Mubai Edit

Ma Hongjun respect Dai Mubai as a big brother and often gets teased by him for his vulgar nature. Before Zhu Zhuqing's arrival he often visited with him to the city.

Zhu Zhuqing Edit

Ma Hongjun usually stays clear of her due to her cold nature. But he considers her as a good friend.

Oscar Edit

Ma Hongjun is a little jealous of Oscar's good looks. He and Oscar often insult each other. However he considers him as a brother and a close friend.

Ning Rongrong Edit

Ma Hongjun does not care much for her status but cares for her as a friend despite getting insulted by her on many occasions.

Shrek Academy Edit

Flender Edit

Flender is Ma Hongjun's master. Thus Ma Hongjun has great respect for him for allowing him to enroll in the Shrek Academy, become his disciple and indulge in his pleasures. Ma Hongjun is one of the few people who can console Flender when he is feeling down.

Yu Xiaogang Edit

Ma Hongjun is slightly afraid of Yu Xiaogang due to the training regiment he put them through. However he greatly respects him as he is Tang San's master.

Liu Erlong Edit

Ma Hongjun idolizes Liu Erlong after she single-handedly massacred a Giant Earth King and let him have the last kill in order for it to become his Spirit Ring.

Others Edit

Bu Le Edit

Ma Hongjun hates Bu Le for stealing his prostitute, calling his pecker small and for beating him up. After Xiao Wu breaks his bones, thus helping him take his revenge, Ma Hongjun roasts his penis, permanently disabling him.

Bai Chenxiang Edit

Ma Hongjun fell in love with her during the Tang Sect arc. They grew closer during their time in the Sea God island and after much reluctance from Bai Chenxiang, she finally accepted him, thus becoming his girlfriend.

Soul Land II Edit

Shrek Academy Edit

Ma Xiaotao Edit

She has the same Beast Spirit with Hongjun.

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