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|Eyes = Green
|Eyes = Green
|Vital Status = Alive
|Vital Status = Alive
|Relatives = [[Bai Chenxiang]] (wife)
[[Ma Xiaotao]] (descendant)
|Master = [[Flender]]<br>
|Master = [[Flender]]<br>
(Sea God Island) [[Sea Star Douluo]]
(Sea God Island) [[Sea Star Douluo]]
|Spirit = Evil Fire [[Phoenix]] <br>
|Spirit = Evil Fire [[Phoenix]] <br>
Ninth Heaven Rainbow Phoenix (2nd Awakening) <br>
Ninth Heaven Rainbow Phoenix (2nd Awakening) <br>
|Spirit Rank = Title Douluo(封号斗罗) - Rank 93
|Spirit Rank = Titled Douluo(封号斗罗) - Rank 93
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|Manhua = Chapter 17
|Manhua = Chapter 17
|Anime = [[Episode 16]]
|Anime = [[Episode 16]]
|Relatives = [[Bai Chenxiang]] (wife)
[[Ma Xiaotao]] (descendant)}}
== Appearance ==
== Appearance ==
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[[Category:Martial Hall]]
[[Category:Martial Hall]]
[[Category:Soul Land]]
[[Category:Soul Land]]
[[Category:Title Douluo]]
[[Category:Titled Douluo]]

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Failure is the mother of success.
— Ma Hongjun
Ma Hongjun

Ma Hongjun 11

Ma Hongjun 10

Ah Jun

Ma Hongjun (Anime)


Name Ma Hongjun
Chinese 马红俊
Also Known As Evil Fire Phoenix

Phoenix(鳳凰) Douluo
God of Phoenix

Species Human
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 1.80m
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Bai Chenxiang (wife)

Ma Xiaotao (descendant)

Master Flender

(Sea God Island) Sea Star Douluo

Spirit Evil Fire Phoenix

Ninth Heaven Rainbow Phoenix (2nd Awakening)

Spirit Rank Titled Douluo(封号斗罗) - Rank 93


God(神) - Rank 100
(2nd Class God / 二级神祇)
(SL2.5 ~ 4)

Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
4 Black
1 Red

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Vice Sect Master of Tang Sect

Martial Hall Master
Phoenix God

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Shrek Seven Devils
Tang Sect
Martial Hall
Seven Children of the Sea God

Light Novel Debut Chapter 21
Manhua Debut Chapter 17
Anime Debut Episode 16


Ma Hongjun is short and chubby, but gives off a kind of sturdy feeling. He has short reddish-brown hair and emerald eyes. He also has a round face, although he is healthy and has plump looking appearance which gives off a cute feeling. On top of his lips are two small mustache.

His appearance undergoes a huge and a massive transformation after he absorb "Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent Neidan" for his 7th Spirit Ring. He has now an appearance of well proportioned youth, a head of short red hair in a Mahican style, set off by the bright fiery red plumage, his whole body seemed extremely vigorous, and still had a somewhat noble compelling feeling. Even just standing there, he gave people a kind of intangible pressure.

When he became a god, he became a handsome, young man who appears to be in his early 20s or so. Hongjun has long, fiery, scarlet, red hair and very appealing crimson eyes. Because of this, the Goddess of Lust quickly became attracted to him because of his attractive eyes.

Spirit Transformation

Upon spirit transformation purple light rush out from his body. His short hair abruptly become long, moreover gathering in the center, turning into a kind of Mohawk style(Mohican). A pair of enormous fiery red wings appear from the back immediately releasing intense heat.


Ma Hongjun was initially a very vulgar person. Due to the nature of his Spirit, he indulged in a lot of sexual promiscuity. He is very straight forward and often tends to speak his mind. Despite this though, he is willing to get serious should the situation demand it and as the series progressed he slowly losses his more vulgar traits.

20,000 years after becoming a god, Ma Hongjun has become a somber person who spends his time in solitude. He misses his wife and regrets becoming a god, preferring to have grown old with her. He has also shown signs of self-loathing, punishing himself for his formerly lazy attitude that prevented his wife from joining him. However, when reunited with the other Shrek Seven Devils he cheers up somewhat.


Ma Hongjun was found by Flender for his unique spirit and was recruited by him to the Shrek Academy at the age of 11. Ma Hongjun thus became Flender's disciple.


Shrek Academy

Ma Hongjun is first seen arguing with Cui Ha. He then gets into a fight with Tang San but is stopped by Dai Mubai revealing he is a fellow student. At this point Dai Mubai explains the drawback to Ma Hongjun's ability: it requires him to eat a lot or otherwise his body will explode.

He goes along with the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils to the Star Dou Forest, and trains together with them under the guidance of Grandmaster.

Ma Hongjun Beaten Up

Following the end of Grandmaster's 1st Stage of Training he goes to a brothel and gets beaten by Bu Le over a girl. He then asks for help from the other guys of the Shrek Seven Devils. Xiao Wu also accompanies them and lures Bu Le into an alley thoroughly beating him. Following her beating, after they leave Ma Hongjun goes back to burn his genitals.

New Shrek Academy

Ma Hongjun 7-0

When Tang San returns after his time at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he receives Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower from him which removes the impurities of his Spirit and allowing him to rise by 5 ranks.

Sunset Forest

At the Sunset Forest after seeing Liu Erlong slaughter a Giant Earth King, he comes to revere her. He absorbs the Giant Earth King's Spirit Ring by having the last blow obtaining the ability Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament


Ma Hongjun is not made to participate in the preliminaries of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament in order to hide the true strength of the Shrek Academy.

Ranking Competition

Ma Hongjun makes his first appearance in the Ranking Competition against the Botanic Academy. He easily defeats 5 opponents successively. His 6th opponent contains the Spirit Scarlet Flame Thistle which has resistance to fire. During the fight he reveals his spirit as the Phoenix and takes to air to attack his opponent. He withstands the opponent's 4th Spirit Ring ability and uses his to stun the opponent. The opposing concedes the last match making Ma Hongjun the first person to defeat all seven opponents single handed.


He takes part in the Finals against Star Luo Imperial Academy and attacks 6 of its members using his 4th Spirit Ring ability, helping them to be victorious.

During the match against Spirit Hall Academy, he partners up with Xiao Wu to fight against three of the opposing Battle Spirit Masters. They effectively complement their abilities removing one opponent and confronts the other two. With Tang San's help, they manage to overpower and be victorious.

From the 3 Spirit Bones awarded, he receives the Burst Incineration Flame Right Arm as it suits him best.

When Xiao Wu is revealed to be a Spirit Beast, he stands along with the other Shrek Seven Devils to protect her.

After Tang Hao brings away Tang San and Xiao Wu, Ning Fengzhi offers the Shrek Seven Devils to join with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan to which Ma Hongjun declines, stating that like Tang San, he prefers freedom and that after he is done, he might return to Shrek Academy to help his master, Flender.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion

5 years later, Ma Hongjun arrives at the Shrek Academy having become even fatter and meets with Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and later Ning Rongrong. With the arrival of Tang San whose appearance had changed causes him to become extremely vigilant and attack him, but is suppressed by Tang San who then proves it is he. He then reunites with his master, Flender and agrees to showcase his strength along with the other Shrek Devils.

During the fight, Ma Hongjun unleashes his Spirit and keeps Flender and Zhao Wuji in check. After Tang San stuns Zhao Wuji with parasite, he unleashes the Phoenix Cry Strike, thus effectively making unable to battle anymore. He then with the others agree to give Flender face, and thus pretends to lose.

Following the fight, Ma Hongjun expresses his desire to stay at the Shrek Academy and cultivate henceforth and maybe even teach a few classes if necessary. It is mostly due to the revering eyes of the students of the Shrek Academy but also to spend time with his teacher.

Tang Sect

Tang San seeks the assistance of Ma Hongjun for founding the Tang Sect. Ma Hongjun immediately agrees and thus becomes the Vice Sect Master of Tang Sect. He later joins in the discussion with Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong when Tang San seeks assistance from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

He then meets with Oscar who had returned and accepts his challenge to demonstrate Oscar's ability. Oscar manages to fight Ma Hongjun to a draw amazing everyone present.

Ma Hongjun joins Tang San when he leaves with the people of the One Strength Clan to attend a reunion of the former subsidiary branches of the Clear Sky Clan. On their way at the border of the Heaven Dou Empire they run into Bu Le and Ma Hongjun starts battling him after they try to extort the party. Ma Hongjun completely subdues his Bu Le and Tian Ya, but allows them to live by diverting his last attack at the last second. Bu Le then acts as a transvestite interested in Ma Hongjun which causes him to become sick and immediately leave.

After arriving at the Defense Clan's base, he keeps himself contained, enjoying himself to the food. When the Speed Clan arrives, he immediately becomes interested in Bai Chenxiang. He takes up on Tang San's offer in showcasing the power of the Hidden Weapons by acting as the target of them. He shows off his power astonishing all that is present. After Tang San's and Bai He's speed match ends up in a draw when Bai Chenxiang asks him about Tang San's 6th Spirit Ring, he refuses to answer it despite his immense interest in her and speeds away.

After returning from Rising Dragon City, Ma Hongjun is immediately angered by the actions of Four Element Academies. He wants to beat them up to teach them a lesson, but Tang San takes on their challenge single-handedly and defeats Feng Xiaotian, Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang.

Ma Hongjun along with the others set off to Gengxin City to buy necessary supplies to produce Hidden Weapons. When he comes across the rude Bishop Meyers, he becomes extremely angry and almost kills him on the spot for having vulgar intentions toward Xiao Wu and Rongrong, but is stopped by Tang San, who instructs him to save it for another day to completely annihilate the Spirit Hall branch in Gengxin City. After the auction that takes place at the Blacksmith Association, he and Tang San sets off to destroy the Spirit Hall branch in Gengxin City. When they encounter the Spirit Masters en route, Tang San handles them while Hongjun goes to plunder and then burn the Spirit Hall branch to the ground. However to Ma Hongjun's disappointment Tang San makes him hand over the plundered goods to the Blacksmith Association to cover for the losses they had suffered over the years.

After they return to Tang Sect in Heaven Dou Empire, which had been reconstructed and fortified, Tang San names him as a Vice Sect Master, the person in charge of Battle Preparations and the Martial Hall master of Tang Sect.

Vast Sea City

After the Heaven Dou Palace rebellion he seeks Bai He's permission to marry Bai Chenxiang who gives him permission on the basis that he names one of his children with the surname Bai and allows him to become the Speed Clan's master. He then pursues Bai Chenxiang much to her chagrin.

Following the training confrontation against Chen Xin, he manages to breakthrough to the 59th rank. The Shrek Seven Devils then depart with Chenxiang to the Sea God Island. On the way they happen upon a village attacked by Wolftaken. Ma Hongjun along with Dai Mubai and Tang San leave to rescue the remaining villagers. They start assassinating, starting from the back, but unfortunately gets discovered causing an all out battle between the three and the around three hundred Wolftaken. The three gets confronted by three very powerful Cyan Wolftaken but the three of them manage to secure victory over the Wolftaken but Hongjun suffers major injuries to his arm and loses consciousness.

When he regains consciousness, he hears from Dai Mubai, Chenxiang's care for him despite being burned by him, which softens Hongjun's heart making him actively pursue Chenxiang with more passion.

After arriving at Vast Sea City, Tang San asks Chenxiang and Hongjun to take part in the Great Spirit Arena battle. They face up against the Ocean Soul Brothers. Chenxiang is rather nervous but Hongjun calms her down and plow straight into the battle.

Differences in the Manhua

  • In the Manhua, he is portrayed as someone who has to eat a lot because of the nature of his spirit instead of having sex.

  • Using his spirit he can transform into a handsome and thin youth in the Manhua.

  • In the Manhua he takes part in the qualifiers of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.

  • During the Ranking Competition, following his fight against the Skywater Academy causes him to injure his leg which fractures following his clumsiness and thereby restrains him from participating in fights against all other teams.

  • In the Manhua following the conclusion of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, he becomes a Duke of a certain city and leaves his post 5 years later when the agreed time for the reunion of Shrek Seven Devils comes.


Shrek Academy
Tang Sect
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