Mecha Craftsmen
Chinese 机甲制造师 Jī jiǎ zhìzào shī
Also Known As Mecha Craftsman

Mecha Manufacturer
Mecha Maker

Type Occupation

Description Edit

Mecha Professions are secondary professions (副职业) that almost all spirit masters have. The profession deals in the designing, building, and maintenance of Mechas and Battle Armour. It is far easier to advance in ranks as a Mecha Craftsmen compared to a blacksmith. By the Interstellar Era, these professions help bind the connection for Duo Mecha Masters.

Professions Edit

Mecha Craftsmen are divided into 3 professions with 9 Ranks each, each two ranks corresponding to the level of refinements by Blacksmiths:

  1. Mecha Designers - 机甲设计:
    • Specialized in designing mechas and battle armors, as well as their soul circuit formations
    • Required high spiritual power to draw and comprehend the function of mechas and battle armors inside-out and the soul circuits on them
    • Uses predecessor designs or blueprints acquired with one's ingenuity to improve
  2. Mecha Manufacturers/Makers - 机甲制造:
    • Specialized in crafting soul circuits on mechas and battle armor
    • Required high-speed precision to craft soul circuits
    • Mainly dependent on the usage of fused spiritual power and all personal powers as well as strength control to craft
    • Uses blacksmith forged and designer's blueprints to practice making imperfect products for improvement
  3. Mecha Mechanics - 机甲修理:
    • Specialized in both Designing and Manufacturing, mostly for Repairing in Inspecting production process
    • It's quite hard to multitask in both designing and crafting, so most people won't choose this profession or are not very high-ranked
    • Are usually not as skilled as a truly specialized Mecha Designer and Mecha Manufacturer; but a high-ranked Mecha Mechanic is still very respected
    • Allows one to be added to any mecha or battle armor production team as a direct assistant to Designers or Manufacturers, improving the creation process without more errors
    • Improves by participating in production processes for experience through accumulated knowledge usage
  4. Blacksmith (External, but most necessary)
    • Forging of necessary resources for product creation
    • Resources enhancement through Harmonizing Refinement (fuse forge), allowing advancement in product levels
    • Improves by one's talent, cultivation rank, stable spiritual realm and forging experience

Products Edit

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