Age is not the problem, mature wife ensures a joyful life.
— Meng Shu
Meng Shu
Name Meng Shu
Chinese 孟蜀
Also Known As Long Gong (龙公)

Dragon Duke

Species Human
Age >70
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Chao Tianxiang (Wife)

Meng Yiran (Granddaughter)

Spirit Dragon Staff
Spirit Rank Spirit Douluo - Rank 80+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

3 Purple
3 Black

Professional Status
Affiliation Unrivaled Dragon Serpent
Light Novel Debut Chapter 33
Manhua Debut Chapter 32

 Appearance Edit

He is a tall and skinny elder looking at least over seventy years old, with a head of silver hair just like Chao Tianxiang. In his hand he carries a light silver Dragon Headed Staff over four meters long. A face covered with wrinkles showed his age but he contains an imposing aura.

Personality Edit

Being a well know Spirit Douluo he is arrogant. However at heart he is a little bit of a romantic and dearly loves his granddaughter.

History Edit

During his youth upon his first meeting with Chao Tianxiang, he battles her wagering a kiss if she lost. This allowed the two to become closer and later marry. The duo became stronger and amassed reputation as the Unrivaled Dragon Serpent.

Plot Edit

Star Dou Forest Edit

Meng Shu goes to the Star Dou Forest with his wife and granddaughter to find Meng Yiran, her 3rd spirit ring. While hunting a Man Faced Demon Spider they come across Tang San who had killed it. Having heard from his wife about Tang San earlier he offers him an ultimatum to either join his clan or lose an arm. Tang San offers to join if they help rescue Xiao Wu from a Titan Giant Ape. Even with his power knowing he can't fight a Titan Giant Ape he refuses. Zhao Wuji arrives at the scene and talks to Meng Shu, probably telling him about Tang San's origins causing him to change his mind about harming him.

When Meng Yiran challenges Tang San, he readily accepts Oscar's added stipulation of kissing Tang San if Meng Yiran lost. After Meng Yiran loses her knife throwing match against Tang San they leave to find another spirit beast with Meng Shu wanting to match up her with Tang San.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Meng Shu is present with his wife, Chao Tianxiang at the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament accompanying their granddaughter.

When the envoy of Spirit Masters are attacked en route to Spirit City, Meng Shu takes part in the battle. He holds back Roldiarra who attacks the Shrek Academy students. However he is made to leave following the arrival of the Chrysanthemum Douluo.

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