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Meng Yiran is the granddaughter of Dragon Duke Meng Shu and Serpent Grandmother Chao Tianxiang.

 Appearance[edit | edit source]

She is a beautiful girl with short hair that falls down to her ears. She wears brilliantly bright clothing which tightly wraps around her body eliciting the well developed curves. She has big dark brown eyes. She like her grandmother carries a Serpent Cane, which is about two meters long.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As her grand parents are well known spirit masters she tends to be haughty. She was spoiled since her childhood. She is very stubborn and refuses to give up no matter what the cost.

History[edit | edit source]

Since a very young age she had trained with throwing knives and is very confident in her abilities.

Plot [edit | edit source]

Star Dou Forest[edit | edit source]

Meng Yiran vs Tang San (2).jpg

She along with her grandparents enter the Star Dou Forest to capture a spirit beast for her 3rd spirit ring. Chasing after a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent they come across the Shrek Seven Devils. Wanting to get the Spirit Beast she fights against Tang San. However she gets defeated by him in a duel thereby reluctantly having to part with the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

She then goes on to hunt a Man Faced Demon Spider. She is furious when she finds out Tang San had yet again stolen her spirit beast. She challenges him again, this time to a knife throwing challenge as Tang San is exhausted having fought the Man Faced Demon Spider.

Meng Yiran Kiss.jpg
Meng Yiran Kiss (Anime).png

Having absolute confidence in her knife throwing skills uses them to impale leaves falling from a tree. But Tang San overwhelmingly defeats her completely crushing her. When Tang San proposes to teach her about hidden weapons and hands over Bone Piercing Needle she eagerly accepts listening to Tang San's wisdom in the brief period of time. Upon parting, Meng Yiran as part of the stipulation of the bet kisses Tang San on the cheek.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[edit | edit source]

Meng Yiran appears in the second round of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament as the Vice-Captain of the Cryptid Academy team. She defeated 3 opponents successively in her first match and afterwards imitates Huo Wu pointing and gazing at Tang San issuing a challenge.

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