Name Mermaid
Also Known As
Species Ocean Species
Vital Status

Description Edit

Mermaids are also known as genies in the sea. They are the best in terms of spiritual abilities among all the aquatic spirit beasts that I know. Their upper bodies are like humans, while their lower bodies resemble that of fish. Most of them are female, and the females rule their species. Whether it’s a male or a female, the upper half of a Mermaid is always very nice. The reason why they’re called Mermaids is because of their leader, who is known as the Princess of the Sea. The Princess of the Sea is the ruler of this aquatic region and a one hundred thousand years spirit beast. Because of how strong they are and their spiritual abilities, many other species of aquatic soul beasts ally with them. Their overall abilities are rather strong.

Across history, Mermaids have lived deep in the Ice Sea.

Mermaids feel that they are above others. They don’t really respect any other species of spirit beasts. The strength of her lineage is visible because the heir and queen mermaid will have a golden crown and a golden tail. The rest of the royal family will have a silver cronw and tail.

Abilities Edit

Ocean Heart Edit

The Ocean Heart was a fabled super spirit skill which only Merfolk with the golden bloodline could control and use. It could grant its user immunity from any energy-based attack once. Following which, it would transfer the energy within the attack it had absorbed to the user, allowing them to combine that power with their own power for their next attack.

Mermaid’s Blessing Edit

Each of the mermeids has the opportunity to offer a blessing once in their lives. The person that’s blessed by them will be fortunate, and he’ll forever be seen as a friend to Merfolk. If it’s someone from their species, it’s a show of love.

Significant Species Edit

Mermaid Princess Li Ya (100,000+) Edit

Li Ya's spirit was damaged by the evil spirit masters and Huo Yuhao helped transforming her in his Spirit Soul. She passes the strength of her lineage to her elder sister Li Jing.

Princess of the Sea (600.000+) Edit

She is the most powerful mermaid and the royal queen of the acuatic spirit beast. Her spiritual power is extremely strong. If she’s fighting in the sea, even the Evileye Tyrant might not be able to beat her. She has two daughters. The little one is known as the Mermeid Princess the older one is named Li Jing.

She was betrayed by the evil spirit masters of the Holy Ghost Church.

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