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  • Hello

    Nice to meet you. I see you have been hard at work and have been editing since 2017. Even to this day you are working on this wikia. I am glad

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    Good luck!


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  • I noticed you started adding Materials; great idea!

    Since we have no overall page on materials, nor does there appear a need to have one (i.e., if one knows what "material" means, they know everything), so instead I added the link to the Category:Material to the Universe -> Miscellaneous in the navigation menubar.


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  • Hello,

    While your enthusiasm for contributing is greatly appreciated, could you please put a bit more work into your individual creations? It would be preferable to produce fewer items, none of which require any correction or very few of which require minor correction; than to produce a lot of items, basically all of which require some correction.

    For instance the Spirit "type" can only be Tool Spirit, Beast Spirit, and Body Spirit (I explicitly mention this in the reply to your previous query); it's not where you mention the Spirit's System. Then there is preserving the alphabetical order of items on the Tool Spirits and Beast Spirits page, where you simply add to the end. And let's not forget the silliest mistake where you often don't add space between the end of one sentence and the beginning of another.

    There is more, but please, do review your work a bit more before you move onto a next contribution.

    That all said, thank you for contributing! Cheers!

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