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  • Can you guys help to create a new Soul Land IV? 

    Actually we have Soul Land I /  II /  III

    We need update on IV for start focus on that new novel

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    • I haven't read soul land 4 and I am not a true admin. I was only given that label at the time so I could work with adding and removing pictures. I'm not the one to ask for creating a soul land 4 tab on the top of the wiki page. I haven't even done much on this site lately.

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    • Thank you for your answer lets see if i can contact someone who can do it thk

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I broke all the links on this site by getting rid of the "parts" and posting each chapter as its own page. Please reformat/fix it when you have time? Thanks!

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    • How funny! I was just thinking of doing that.

      Edit: just a heads up if you didn't know already:

      • 2 of your next chapter links in the early chapters are broken as well. (prologue & chapter 6). taken care of.
      • when you were merging the parts of chapter 23 into one web page, part 4 got copy and pasted in twice rather than once. You can find the duplicate by control-f searching for the key phrase "Sorry is not going to cut it". the search will show two instances of it. The second instance of it and onward is all redundant.

      I apologize if the above heads-up seems obvious. I don't know if you understood my original post so I'm just trying to make it clearer.

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    • Cool decision,im in favor of chapter release instead of part releases because it's comfortable to read and in terms,of updating it will be less hassle...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • For posting the human translated versions of each of the chapter titles.
    Chapters 1 to 50:

    Number Raw English
    1 灵眸少年 Spirit Eyes youngster
    2 天梦冰蚕 Daydream Ice Silkworm
    3 百万年魂环 Million Years Spirit Ring
    4 霹雳贝贝 Thunderbolt Beibei
    5 初窥门径 First Glimpse Into The Gate
    6 斗罗大陆第一学院 Douluo Continent's Number One School!
    7 新生入学 Freshmen’s Admission
    8 怪物老师 Monster Teacher
    9 光明女神蝶 Bright Goddess Butterfly
    10 初涉魂导器 First Experience with Spirit Guide Device
    11 最弱的班长 The Weakest Class President
    12 徐三石与江楠楠 Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan
    13 玄水丹 Mysterious Water Pill
    14 天梦一指 Daydream’s Finger
    15 三个月 Three Months
    16 新生考核 Freshmen Examination
    17 初次配合,双控场 First Cooperation, Dual Control
    18 三十三区,三对三 Thirty Third District, Three Versus Three
    19 武魂融合技之天罗地网 Battle Spirit Fusion Skill Inescapable Net
    20 浩冬之武魂融合 HaoDong Spirit Fusion
    21 三生武魂的融合? Three Innate Battle Spirit Fusion?
    22 浩冬之力 HaoDong Power
    23 璀璨中的凋零,黄金之路 Fading in Radiance, Golden Road
    24 赌约 The Bet
    25 七宝琉璃VS灵眸 Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda vs Spirit Eyes
    26 国之重器,鼎之震荡 National Treasure, Cauldron's tremble.
    27 仇人?兄弟? Enemy? Brothers?
    28 默契配合,浩冬制胜 Tacit Cooperation, HaoDong Wins
    29 两大院长 Two Great Deans
    30 决赛 Finals
    31 黄金之路VS幽冥白虎 Golden Road vs. Nether White Tiger
    32 奖励与核心弟子 Awards and Core Disciples
    33 两块魂骨 Two Spirit Bones
    34 明知必败的应战 Facing a Challenge Doomed to Failure
    35 我还没有输! I Haven't Lost Yet!
    36 觉醒的灰色 Gray Awakens!
    37 护短的霸王花老师 To Cover for the Tyrant Teacher
    38 一级半魂导师霍雨浩? Grade One and a Half Spirit Guide Master Huo Yuhao?
    39 极北三大天王 Three Kings of the North
    40 天梦,冰帝 Daydream, Ice Emperor
    41 冰碧帝皇蝎 Ice Jade Empress Scorpion
    42 造神? Make God?
    43 融合,极限痛苦的考验 Fusion, Test of Extreme Suffering
    44 完美融合,红色魂环 Perfect Fusion, Red Spirit Ring
    45 你还活着吗? You Still Alive?
    46 灵眸的第二魂技 Spirit Eyes’ Second Ability
    47 二级魂导师徽章 Grade Two Spirit Guide Master Badge
    48 恐怖的威慑! Terror Deterrence!
    49 冰帝之螯 Claw of the Ice Emperor
    50 唐三先祖…… Ancestor Tang San…
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    • Your edits are good. (Not sure what the plot in #37 is, so it's hard to translate. I thought it meant she was the one covering for someone else)

      As for the emperor vs. empress thing. An empress is a female emperor in English, but there is no such equivalent in Chinese, so I translated it into empress to make it clear that she is not simply the emperor's head wife (which is what 皇后 means according to baidu). There has been only one female emperor in China, Wu Zetian, and she is literally called: 女皇帝 (female emperor). So I thought it would make more sense to simplify that as just Empress (female emperor by definition) to make it more consistent and for people to realize she is female. I don't know if you realize by machine translating but there are a lot of times I "interpret" instead of directly translate to preserve meanings that would be lost through translation.

      The Seven Treasure thing is hard. Technically 琉璃 is artificially colored glass, which has no equivalent in English. The closest I could come to is crystal. Glazed tile sounds silly. If you look it up, it's just glazed tiles on the floor or roof tiles which makes no sense. And since we already have many differences in terminology/translations, but people can still understand all of it, I think I will stick with these more accurate/sensible ones until I have a talk with Ruze who is translating the third story. We have tried reaching out to Bagelson but he did not respond.

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    • Interesting comment about the empress. I think I'll add that to the ice scorpion page trivia section. So Ice Jade Empress Scorpion will work for her full name since 皇 and 帝 are in it.

      I agree with what you said about glazed tile being a silly translation. If the admins were to agree to it, I'd happily change all the references to it on the wiki.

      Chapter 37 is where Zhou Yi tosses students out the window (from the second floor if I recall right), so Wang Yan has to defend her actions when she gets grilled by Weilun about it.

      BTW, I am well aware of the limitations of machine translators. That's why I need a human translation to compare to. Humans have a great deal of contextual knowledge and references (historical, cultural, lexical, phonetic, images, etc) in their heads that they use to interpret what they're reading. Such knowledge is very horrendously difficult to program into a machine. There is an entire A.I. discipline in computer science devoted to it, and even after several decades, they still haven't gotten to human level understanding yet (C.S. happens to be my Major :) ). We both know machines can only work with what they're given. It's why they always mess up the pronouns. Unlike european languages like english, italian, or spanish, the simplified chinese text we're working with doesn't have pronouns, so machines randomly guess. (Hmm, come to think of it, I think that is also true of asian languages in general. Not sure though, I haven't seen pronouns in japanese. Haven't looked at traditional or ancient chinese to know about them.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The changes I made include removing the text from the pictures. Also the Ice Worm that you added, was a made up story. That was all. If I annoyed you I didn't mean to, I just tided up some things.

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    • @Demonright: By the way, I noticed you're changing pictures from .png to .jpg... This is fine and all, I suppose you do it to reduce the size of the wikia? I would just like to remind that these are merely links to an existing file, so the size will remain the same for as long as the original .png picture is in the wikia's gallery. =)

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    • Its not to reduce the size of the wikia haha, I am not too bothered about that. I only crop the pictures so it fits into the info boxes (eg the info boxes on the characters page), therefor it males the page neat and tidy. It also prevents having info boxes of different sizes. The other reason I edit it is to remove text or borders (if possible) so it looks better, or I try to clean it if possible and add a bit more of the original colour, as some have water marks. So after I edit the picture on Photoshop, I save the pic as a jpeg instead of png as its a habit of mine (a bit of an OCD freak haha). I also knew about the existing files thing you mentioned. :)

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  • Hi, welcome to Soul Land Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Huo Yuhao page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • I just got into both Doulou mahua stories this week and got my self caught up with a lot of late night reading, and have started working my way through the light novels.

      I'm already quite familiar with making wikia edits. The thing I don't know is how to tell how many edits have been made thus far on the wiki as a whole, as you got lucky with the 16000th edit.

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    • Statistics

      Here you go. It's not like I purposely do it btw :p

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    • Thank you, oddly I'd been wondering for a while how to find the number of edits. This definitely helps if trying to get the Lucky badge.

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