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  • First, although it makes it "easier" to see the order, this is the format all character pages on this wiki follow. If the order is noteworthy in any way, the abilities page provides the details.

    Second, if essentially all of your edits are undone, don't EVER reintroduce them again without investigating the reason first unless you wish to be banned.


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    • At first I intend to change all of the charater format. But now nevermind.

      And Im sorry because in History There is NO reason for the undo.

      Thank you

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    • There was no explanation in the history because I rollbacked the changes to avoid situations where the undo would merely lead to your previous edit, and rollback doesn't have the "comment" option.

      Regardless, if (all of) your edits are undone, it's generally a good idea to ask--either on one of the pages, or on the wall of the person responsible--for an explanation. This also gives you an opportunity to formulate your reason for the change, and you might even interest other people who may help you convince the person who has undone your changes.

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    • Ah I understand.

      So How about the information of Xiao Wu's Spirit Rings? Xiao wu's spirit Rings arranged like this Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, Black, Red, Black, Red, Red ? One of Red is between black.

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    • The order information is contained on her Abilities page, so there is no reason to include it in the main page infobox.

      As for why the infobox need not include this information: Keep in mind that--with the sole exception of the 7th Ring--it doesn't really matter which Spirit Ring is what age; the power is dependent on the Ring's age and origin, not at which point it has been acquired. So what truly matters in general is how many of the Red, Black, etc. Rings one has, but it doesn't really matter whether they are the first two Rings, or the last two Rings or any other combination (with the aforementioned exception of the 7th Ring). And the Abilities pages are there for anyone who is interested in greater detail, assuming we have enough information and there is / was at least one person willing to contribute the information. =)

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