Monster Academy
Also Known As
Empire Star Luo Empire
Head En Ci

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Monster Academy is a school located on Star Luo continent. It was created based on Shrek Academy to cultivate 'monsters'. The school uniform is red in contrast to Shrek Academy's green uniform. The Monster Academy has representatives called the Eight Heavenly Kings based on the Shrek Seven Devils. Unlike Shrek Academy, the school heavily involves itself in the Star Dou Empire's politics and focuses to cultivate military worthy students, not human worthy students. Its majority of staff are bias to certain students and not fair to all the students, different from Shrek Academy's public education policy, resulting in frequent bullied students. The school cultivates only might and not the heart of its students, evident in Holy Dragon Douluo En Ci's actions throughout his appearances.

Notably, the school falls in comparison to Shrek Academy for its inability to train morally strong hearted students, leading to some of its 'monsters' having internal despair or faults, like its current Dean Long Yue and exiled Qilin Douluo Tong Yu.

  • Long Yue, favored by En Ci in Monster Academy, violently forced a new student Sima Xian to lose his tuition fees and leave the academy, Long Yue himself not expelled. Several years later, when encountering again, Long Yue would not seek to apologize out of guilt, but arrogantly gloss it over as a joke. Long Yue also knows of his inability to completely keep his anger in, letting himself to believe because his might is great, so can his arrogance.
  • Tong Yu attained a fast cultivation through En Ci influenced resources and became a Titled Douluo at a young age, but had no teaching and the inability to control his violent emotions, resulting with fatally injuring the child Tang Ziran's mother in a sudden outburst of anger. This lead En Ci to personally cover up the majority of the incident to protect a Titled Douluo's prestige, sending the young Tang Ziran and his family away in secret. The final outcome was a Tong Yu filled with despair to unable to find solace by meeting Tang Ziran again and atone in any way for his folly. Tong Yu even had suicidal thoughts many times.
  • En Ci seeks to satisfy his pride of a better Monster Academy image of the mighty Star Dou Empire by allowing anyone who interferes the chance to disappear, if allowed. He even supported Dai Yun'er's plan to drug Tang Wulin during his second visit to the Star Dou Empire, knowing clearly it was immoral or a bad way to cultivate his student, just to satisfy the whims of politics and sponsors.

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