Mountain Dragon King
Name Mountain Dragon King
Also Known As
Age +1.000.000 years
Species Dragon Species
Vital Status Dead

Description Edit

After many sacrifices, the Mountain Dragon King was the last one to be created by the Dragon God, but it was definitely not inferior to any of the other dragon kings. At the very least, it would not have been inferior in terms of bloodline aura.

History Edit

The Mountain Dragon is a rather peculiar creature among the dragon clan. Legend has it that a long time ago, the Dragon God started roaming the galaxy not long after he was born. Later, he found a planet and was prepared to settle down on the planet. Thereupon, he began creating his first generation children. There were a total of nine children and they became the legendary Nine Great Dragon Kings. Since they were created by the Dragon God, they were both his children and lords.

Following that, the Nine Great Dragon Kings procreated and established their territories. But then, there were only the Eight Great Dragon Clans.

It was because the planet created by the Dragon God was completely covered in water. The Dragon Clan was not afraid of water, but the sea was not a suitable home. Consequently, the Dragon God created the ninth Dragon King and instructed him to transform his body into a continent, so it could become a nesting ground for the Dragon Clan. He paid a great price for the descendants of the Dragon Clan. The Mountain Dragon King’s clan was meant to become solid ground and form the continents to assist the Dragon Clan in breeding and growing, but that made their own breeding highly problematic. The Mountain Dragon King’s clan had very few members. Moreover, they would transform themselves into lands and continents as soon as they were fully grown. The Dragon God was so grateful for their contribution, he bestowed the Mountain Dragon King’s lineage with a covenant.

It was “the Mountain Dragon takes the crown”. In other words, every Mountain Dragon could be bestowed with the royal title once it was fully grown. They lost their freedom, but they earned a prestigious position. They were finally honored as the leader of the Nine Great Dragon Kings of the Dragon Clan in the end.

He died in the Dragon Valley where Tang Wulin discovered his bones.

The Mountain Dragon King’s lineage was inherited at an extremely slow pace. That was why they were not only real dragons, they had the purest bloodline. They were a genuine dragon clan that was closest to the second generation of Dragon Kings. If real dragons still existed today, then any Mountain Dragon that made an appearance would certainly become the leader of all the Dragon Clans. The last one is Long Yue.

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