Myriad Demon King
Name Myriad Demon King
Chinese 万妖王
Also Known As Myriad Monsters King
Age 530.000 years
Species Demoneye Tree
Vital Status Alive

Description Edit

Myriad Demon King is ranked fifth among the Ten Great Savage Beasts. He is a Demoneye Tree. According to the legends, the Myriad Demon King ruled over all the plant-type soul beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest.

Appearance Edit

When he adopted his human form, he has the appearance of a middle-aged man. He isn’t particularly handsome, and his face is slightly pale. His eyes are a deep jade-green that could penetrate through one’s soul. A jade-green glow shines amidst this depth and serenity, but this glow is starkly different from the elegant jade-green that Bi Ji emitted. He isn’t considered very large, but he is extremely slender. He is wearing a long, dark-green robe. It moves even without any wind, fluttering slightly to and fro. His hair is also dark-green, but it is a little too long. It is more than ten meters in length as it flowed behind his back.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Myriad Demon King looked after this Immortal Spirit Grass that was born ten thousand years earlier. He soon discovered that an Immortal Spiritual Grass had grown nearby. At that point in time, he already possessed his own intelligence. Furthermore, he had some abilities then, and could at least spread his scent over a larger area.

As a result, the Myriad Demon King took great care of this Immortal Spirit Grass. The Myriad Demon King protected this Immortal Spirit Grass using his pungent smell until it grew to a thousand-year cultivation.

At that point in time, this Immortal Spirit Grass already treated him as its best friend and even developed a heavy sense of reliance on him.

After tolerating it for a thousand years, the Myriad Demon King finally made his move on this Immortal Spirit Grass.

In fact, the Myriad Demon King didn’t know what the result would be after he devoured this Immortal Spirit Grass. He was just making a wild attempt because he was indignant. He didn’t want to remain at the edge of the Great Star Dou Forest for his entire life. He was very envious and jealous of those strong soul beasts. This was why he took a gamble to see what benefits he might possibly obtain from this Immortal Spirit Grass.

This thousand-year Immortal Spirit Grass was ultimately unprepared against the Myriad Demon King, who had plotted this for centuries.

Under the corrosion of the Myriad Demon King’s poison, it melted.

The Myriad Demon King uprooted it completely and turned into fluid before smearing this fluid on his body. To him, he would have only wasted a thousand years, even if he failed. To a plant-type soul beast, a thousand years wasn’t considered a long time.

From that point onwards, the Myriad Demon King entered an extremely long period of torment. While this Immortal Spirit Grass was dead, it carried a strong spirit of vengeance, which made it difficult for him to fuse with it.

Normally, a Demoneye Tree and an Immortal Spirit Grass were two incompatible plant-type soul beasts. However, a miracle happened when this Immortal Spirit Grass’ vengeance and the Myriad Demon King’s persistence combined together. They started to fuse together in a very special way.

While the fusion was slow, it managed to change many of the Myriad King’s innate abilities. As time passed, he was no longer purely a Demoneye Tree anymore. This evolution process continued for a hundred years.

When the Myriad Demon King regained consciousness again, he discovered that he had become abnormally strong. He possessed the innate abilities of the most outstanding plant-type soul beast.

The Myriad Demon King was extremely determined, having tolerated a hundred years of pain to complete the fusion. He didn’t venture deeper into the Great Star Dou Forest after the fusion. He continued to cultivate where he was born, and slowly devoured soul beasts of lower cultivations.

After Di Tian discovered his existence, he wanted to forcefully keep him within the Slaughtering Grounds so that he could monitor the Myriad Demon King. This was because the Myriad Demon King already ruled over the soul beasts in more than one-third of the Peripheral Region of the Great Star Dou Forest. With his help, the plant-type soul beasts were able to develop rapidly.

Di Tian didn’t kill him out of fear. Plants were considered the last line of defense for the Great Star Dou Forest. The Myriad Demon King ruled over most of the plant-type soul beasts, which made him extremely important to the Great Star Dou Forest. Even Di Tian didn’t dare to kill him! Di Tian even believed that his existence was more important than Bi Ji’s.

Right now, there weren’t any plant-type soul beasts in the soul beast army underneath the Myriad Demon King at the northern side of Shrek City. This was also a requirement that Di Tian had for him before this war started. All the plant-type soul beasts that he commanded were not allowed to be part of this beast wave. The reason was very simple: they were needed to offer an escape route for the Great Star Dou Forest! If this beast wave failed and the soul beasts suffered heavy losses, the plant-type soul beasts that the Myriad Demon King controlled could at least protect the soul beast army as they retreated back into the forest.

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