Mystic Water Pill
Name Mystic Water Pill
Also Known As
Type Medicinal Pill

Description Edit

The Mystic Water Pill is a very powerful magical drug worth at least 10,000 gold. It is rumored that only one water attribute spirit clan can produce it. The pill refinement process requires tens of water attribute spirit beasts’ blood essences and many water attribute plants to successfully create it.

Water has a cleansing ability. The Mystic Water Pill will not only greatly benefit your body but will also raise your spirit power. It is also very mild and masters of any level can absorb its effects. It can raise the level of a spirit master below level 20 by at least one. However, its most valuable effect is to clean the vessels and meridians. The Mystic Water Pill washes the waste within the human body.

For spirit masters with great potential, it would increase their talents more. For common spirit masters, it is like delivering coal in the winter. It will help expel wastes and nourish the meridians. A single pill can at least help a common spirit master raise his innate spirit level by one. That is to say, if one's innate spirit power was one when he/she awakened, then after taking this pill, it will turn to two. This is a change in potential and body condition.

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