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Name Na'er
Chinese 娜儿
Also Known As
Species Spirit Beast
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive (Current)

Merged (Raw)

Relatives Gu Yuena (Other Self)

Tang Ziran (Adoptive Father)
Lang Yue (Adoptive Mother)
Tang Wulin (Adoptive Brother)

Master Yun Ming

Ya Li

Spirit Silver Dragon Spear (Silver Dragon King)
Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor - Rank 60+
Spirit Rings 3 Purple

3 Black

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Spirit Master

Student (Former)
Battle Armour Master

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Spirit Beast Linage

Light Novel Debut Chapter 5
Manhua Debut Chapter 3

Appearance Edit

Na'er is no doubt, a beautiful young child. She has short silver flowing hair and a pair of amethyst-coloured eyes. She was initially somewhat short, having not changed in years since Tang Wulin met her. However, after her Spirit manifested, she began to grow up at an accelerated rate, quickly catching up with her adoptive brother in height.

As a teenager, Na'er had grown even more beautiful, with the entire male half of Tang Wulin's class falling for her at first sight. She is described as looking older than she actually is, having a fairly tall and voluptuous figure for her age. She also let her hair grow longer.


As a child, Na'er was quite shy and spoke very little upon meeting Wulin, but her affection for him grew relatively fast. Over the years they grow very close and she enjoys being pampered by him, which would continue even in her teenage years.


Volume 1 - AwakeningEdit

Meeting Tang Wulin Edit

Na'er suffered from a memory loss before she first met Tang Wulin. The first time she met Wulin, she was being bullied by some kids. Wulin fought them off and took her home with him. She was given a bath and food to eat. Unable to find her family, Tang Ziran and Lang Yue adopted Na'er. Tang Wulin was thrilled.

Life with Tang Wulin Edit

Na'er stayed in the same room as Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin's First Spirit Soul Edit

Volume 7 - Growth Edit

Sea God Island Edit

Volume 9 - Edit

It is later revealed that, like Gu Yue, Na'er is actually a piece of the Silver Dragon King, who was split into two when reincarnating as a human.

Volume Edit

Blood God Army Edit

Na'er asked Gu Yue if she was going to leave her.

Volume Edit

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