Very good. You've arrived. So my dinner today is a little more plentiful.Welcome to hell, human!

—To Tang San

The Nine-Knot Ichthyosaur was a 100,000 year old Spirit Beast imprisoned within a Sea God Island God Stone, who became the seventh spirit ring of Tang San.


The Ning-Knot Ichthyosaur is a massive serpentine dragon plated in black and silver scales. He has shining blue eyes, jagged spines, and needle sharp fangs. His bladed tail is fanned like a fish, shot through with blue veins. He has a crystalline scale below the base of his skull, which is his weakest point.


Nine-Knot 2

The Nine-Knot Ichthyosaur, trapped by Bo Saixi

The Nine-Knot Ichthyosaur was imprisoned by Bo Saixi in a God Stone. Eventually, Tang San attempted to absorb the stone, and the two fought bitterly to the death. Tang San was able to prevail nine months after first beginning his absorption, obtaining his second red spirit ring.

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