Perhaps eight years ago, as the support, I was the one being protected. The person hiding behind you guys. But this time, let me stand at the front! Supports have their own dedications! And their beliefs! And also...their own ways of taking risks!
— When using Glazed Light on Tang San, the forbidden technique of her clan which damages the user's lifespan, against the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King.
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Ning Rongrong

Rong Rong Spirit

Ning Rongrong 3

Ning rongrong anime

Nine color goddess


Name Ning Rongrong
Chinese 宁荣荣
Also Known As Seven Treasures Glazed Tile

Nine-Colors(九彩) Douluo
Goddess of Nine-Colors

Species Human
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink (Manhua)

Light Brown (Anime)

Eye Color Amethyst (Manhua/Light Novel)

Light Blue (Anime)

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Ning Fengzhi (Father)

Oscar (Husband)
Gu Rong (Adopted Grandpa)
Chen Xin (Adopted Grandpa)
Ning Tian (Descendant)

Master (Sea God Island) Bo Saixi
Spirit Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo(封号斗罗) - Rank 92

God(神) - Rank 100
(2nd Class God / 二级神祇) (SL2.5 ~ 4)

Spirit Rings 2 Purple

5 Black
2 Red

System Auxiliary System
Professional Status
Occupation Future Master of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan

Vice Master of Tang Sect
Nine Color Goddess

Affiliation Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan

Shrek Academy
Tang Sect
Sea God Island

Light Novel Debut Chapter 17
Manhua Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Episode 13

 Appearance Edit

Ning Rongrong has extremely fair delicate skin, her figure unusually harmonious, her entire being looking to give people a kind of earthy feeling. Rong Rong has long flowing, pink hair and also has a pair of beautifully delicate light amethyst colored eyes. She gave off the impression of a highly educated noble young lady. Her gentle and beautiful smiling expression can affect everyone in her surroundings.

Personality Edit

At the very beginning, she acts as a rotten spoiled brat who looks at others as mere servants. She was extremely arrogant, and proud of being from a higher standing, and didn't care to give much respect to elders. She was also lazy, believing she was a genius who didn't need to work hard to be the best.

However, after the students of Shrek Academy rejects her for her rotten behavior, she has a genuine change in personality. She becomes helpful, hardworking and a loyal friend who comes to care deeply for others. While still somewhat demanding and rich, she also becomes extremely generous and kind, especially to her friends, and is known as a wonderful, graceful woman.

History Edit

At her Spirit Awakening she received a rank of 9, and was considered an exceptionally talented Spirit Master. She was spoiled by all the members of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, with her being their little princess.

Plot Edit

Shrek Academy Edit

Ning Rongrong, having run away from home, enrolls in the Shrek Academy. Being from a very prestigious family she looks down on the others as well as the teachers. Instead of running 20 laps as she is ordered to, she goes to the village to look around and stuff herself with food. Flender, not afraid of her background, tells her to leave if she cannot follow his commands. He belittles her calling her the least powerful among the Shrek Seven Devils, which happens to be true. Although Ning Rongrong tries to use her family's name, Flender is not swayed, and she runs off in a huff.

Kill Mubai

Rongrong reveals her ugly nature, asking Tang San to assassinate Dai Mubai

Later when Zhu Zhuqing rejects Dai Mubai's advances, she mocks him causing him to lose his temper and unleash his Spirit Power knocking Ning Rongrong down. Tang San intervenes stopping the fight. Ning Rongrong furiously tries to hire Tang San with the promise of money and position in her family to kill Dai Mubai. Tang San however is not swayed, and tells Ning Rongrong that she doesn't belong in Shrek Academy, which Oscar also repeats. This acts as a breaking point for Ning Rongrong, who had lived a totally spoiled life and causes a dramatic change in her personality.

Wanting to prove that she should belong in Shrek Academy, she volunteers to be the first to eat Oscar's Sausages.

Star Dou Forest Edit

During their visit to the Star Dou Forest she assists everyone with her spirit by increasing their Strength and Speed. Thus she manages to gain the approval of the other six and become friends. After seeing Tang San's use of Hidden Weapons she immediately asks if he would be willing to make a business deal with her clan.

In the Great Spirit Arena she forms a team with Zhu Zhuqing. Her presence as a member of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan causes people to be reluctant to attack or hurt her.

New Shrek Academy Edit

Beautiful Silk Tulip Mug

Following Tang San's return from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well she receives the Beautiful Silk Tulip which helps her gain 6 ranks and also advance the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. She kisses Tang San on the lips, much to Xiao Wu's anger. In the Manhua, she asks Tang San to marry her.

She then returns to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan to see her family and they are astonished at seeing her increase in strength as well as the advancement of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. She shows the effectiveness of Tang San's Hidden Weapons by attacking Chen Xin, even managing to injure him. Immediately the next day she is taken back to school by Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong who hopes to recruit Tang San and make arrangements for creating Hidden Weapons for the Clan.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

After the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament she is asked by Grandmaster to train in Heart Separation Control and also teach it to Tang San. Ning Rongrong, having immense respect and gratitude for Tang San, immediately agrees despite Tang San's reluctance to learn secrets of another clan. Ning Rongrong quickly leaves and brings back words of permission from Ning Fengzhi and starts to train together with Tang San.

Ning Rongrong doesn't take part in the Qualifiers or the Ranking Competition in order to hide the true strength of the Shrek Academy Team.

She fights in the finals against Star Luo Imperial Academy helping the others raise their Spirit Power and various attributes using her Spirit.

At the match against the combined team formed by Blazing Academy and Godwind Academy, she acts as one of the central pillars for the formation of the Shrek Seven Fusion ability which helps in utterly crushing their opponent.

After the match against Spirit Hall Academy, which ended with Shrek Academy's victory, she gives up her right for the Focusing Wisdom Skull. She then receives the Skull Bone obtained from Shi Nian.

When Xiao Wu is revealed to be a Spirit Beast, she stands along with the other Shrek Seven Devils to protect her.

After Tang Hao brings away Tang San and Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong goes back to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan along with her father, Chen Xin and Oscar.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan Edit

At the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, Rongrong is seen fretting about telling Oscar they cannot be together due to clan rules. As Oscar arrives at her room, she loses her courage, but as he is about to leave she embraces him and tells him they cannot be together.

The distraught Oscar confesses his love for her, and asks why she gave him hope of being together with her. Rongrong confesses she had fallen in love with him, but explains that due to the clan rules of a Support Spirit Master having to marry only a Battle Spirit Master, they cannot be together.

Oscar then asks from Rongrong to wait 10 years for him, and in 10 years he will return being able to protect her to which Rongrong accepts. Then Oscar leaves the weeping Rongrong behind, while Ning Fengzhi, Chen Xin and Gu Rong enter consoling her and admiring Oscar's resoluteness.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion Edit

5 years later, Rongrong greets Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai when they arrived at Shrek Academy. She starts crying when asked about Oscar whereabouts and mentions that she has not heard a word from him in the past 5 years. When Tang San arrives with his changed appearance, Rongrong is the first to notice the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges, thinking that this person had done something to Tang San. She immediately goes on the offensive with the others but is suppressed by Tang San who then proves that it is he.

After taken to the Dean, she also agrees to take part in the exhibition match against the Flender and Zhao Wuji. Rongrong effectively gives support when and where it is needed with her superior judgement giving multiple attribute boosts. At the very end in order to give Flender face, she stops using her Spirit.

Spirit Hall Attacks Edit

On seeing her pale faced father arrive at Shrek Academy, she becomes extremely worried and throws herself at him. When her father announced the destruction of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan by Spirit Hall she is dismayed and visibly upset.

Reunion with Oscar Edit

Oscar and Ning RongRong Five Years Later

Reunion with Oscar

Rongrong brings her father to the academy per Tang San's request. On recognizing Oscar with Tang San, she throws herself in his arms and cries, while complimenting him on how mature and secure Oscar has become over the past five years. They cling on to each other, unaware of the surrounding for over two hours and then realize that Tang San, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong had long left them. They again happen upon the three who had finished their discussion. Following Ning Fengzhi's ultimatum to which Oscar gives a satisfactory reply, Rongrong becomes exceedingly happy as Ning Fengzhi approves of their relationship. She then runs away embarrassed when Oscar calls Ning Fengzhi father-in-law.

Tang Sect Edit

Oscar and Rongrong blissfully stay behind while Tang San visits Rising Dragon City. When the Four Element Academies arrived to try and take over Shrek Academy, they try to manage the situation, which become resolved following Tang San's return.

Rongrong Metal City

Rongrong decides to abuse her Treasure Appraisal power to help gather materials

Rongrong accompanies Tang San with the others to Gengxin City to buy necessary materials for the production of Hidden Weapons. Oscar and Rongrong scour the markets of the city and with Rongrong's spirit's assistance, manages to find many precious items, including Plate Crystal Gold and Refined Heart Chilling Iron. During the auction at the Blacksmith Association, Rongrong bid for items of value when indicated by Tang San. After buying the Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armor, when Tang San is contemplating whether to give the female armor to her or to Xiao Wu, she immediately puts his worry to rest by putting the armor on Xiao Wu.

After they return to the Strength Clan, which has now become Tang Sect and undergone reconstruction and fortification, Tang San makes Rongrong one of Tang Sect's vice masters and also the person in charge of financial affairs and communication between Tang Sect and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

After the Heaven Dou Palace rebellion, the Shrek Seven Devils and undergoing a training battle with Chen Xin, who promises to allow Oscar and Rongrong's engagement if they can injure him, or any of his possessions. Rongrong cries out that Oscar shouldn't risk his life, but is astonished when he actually manages to fight well against the Titled Douluo despite being an auxiliary type. The battle ends when Oscar loses his spirit power, but Chen Xin's tea is evaporated, counting as 'damaging his possession'. The two are officially engaged, and Shrek's Seven Devil's celebrates.

After saying their goodbyes to the teachers of Shrek Academy, they set off towards Sea God Island. Rongrong becomes astonished when her spirit feels inferior to the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud.

Traveling to Sea God Island Edit

After Mahong Jun was injured by the Wolftaken, Rongrong used her spirit to support Bai Chenxiang while she stitched his wounds closed, despite his out-of-control fire nearly injuring them both. Later, Rongrong and Zhuquing make dinner for the Shrek Seven Devils, to Oscar and Dai Mubai's dismay. Rongrong decides to experiment with using all five flavors in one dish, figuring it couldn't possibly taste bad that way, and her food nearly kills the team when all their previous enemies had failed.

Later, Dai Mubai gestures her over to the tents, showing her Bai Chenxiang taking care of the sleeping Hongjun. Rongrong comments that she hadn't realized he cared so much for them, to which he retorts he was just passing by, and she was the one who cared, not him. Rongrong dismisses the notion, saying he just didn't want her to cook anymore. They both snort and turn away haughtily, but smile fondly as they leave. Later, Ronrong prepares more terrible food for the unfortunate team.

Vast Sea City Edit

After arriving to restock in Vast Sea City, the team decides to earn money and obtain experience with Sea Spirit Masters by participating in the Waterway Spirit Colosseum. Tang San hints at a bet he'd placed on Dai Mubai's fight, but when Rongrong, Oscar, and Xiangxiang expressed interest in the details, he chooses to keep his silence for the time being, much to everyone's annoyance.


Shopping Trip in Vast Sea City

Later, when Hongjun is struggling in is fight against the Sea Twin's fusion ability, Rongrong considers cheating by using her support skills from the stands, but is stopped by Oscar...who already cheated by giving Hongjun support sausages before the match, which is less easy to detect.

After the matches, Rongrong and the other girls joyfully decide to go shopping in Vast Sea City, telling Tang San they can plan for their journey later. The entire team buys new clothes, and various items at the high end mall and small auction house, before setting out on their sea voyage. Rongrong rents the services of a large and very stylish ship using her family money, to Xiangxiang's envy.

Pirates and the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King Edit

After 15 days at sea, Rongrong and the Shrek Seven Devil's ask the captain of their ship to tell them stories of Sea Spirit Beasts. He regales them with tales of the most dangerous legendary spirit beasts in the ocean, but finishes his tale by saying what they truly needed to fear was the Sea Devil. Which was the name of the ship they were riding on. He revealed they were actually pirates, and the food they'd been eating was actually poisoned!

The Shrek Seven Devil's dramatically pretended to faint, falling on the ground mid-meal, while the pirates laughed victoriously. After the pirates had celebrated for a while, the Shrek Seven Devil's dropped the act and soundly defeated them, saying they'd known the entire time and had just wanted to mess with the pirates. They applaud each other's wonderful acting, treating the entire situation like a game.

Their celebration was cut short by a sudden storm. The pirate captain begged them to untie him, because the storm was unnaturally powerful, and must be the work of a spirit beast! Three of the legendary beasts from his story arrived all at once, Dark Clouds, Steel Whip, and Evil Fangs. Tang San realizes the three beasts are actually one monster, mistaken for three due to its incredibly massive size - the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King! The ship is destroyed in a matter of seconds, and the Shrek Seven Devil's are scattered by a wave of power, and afflicted with a mental shock effect from the beast's aura.

Tang San is able to break Rongrong and the other's free using his Purple Demon Eyes, and using Oscar's flying sausage and his binding river grass, takes control of the situation again. A vast wave from the monster's slamming tail nearly kills Rongrong, but she is protected by Xiao Bai.

The Shrek Seven Devil's fight for their lives, and realize they're outmatched by the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King. They try to flee, but are blocked by the beast's domain. Desperately, they use their seven man fusion ability to boost Tang San's Clear Sky Hammer. Dai Mubai and Zhuquing fuse into the Hell White Tiger, supported by Rongrong and Oscar, and Tang San rides the tiger towards the Whale King with the Clear Sky Hammer fusion held above his head. Despite using all their power, the team only managed to partially deflect the Whale King's attack, and suffered heavy injuries.

With Tang San unconscious, but recovering thanks to his Blue Silver Emperor abilities, Oscar tells Rongrong to break the ultimate rule of auxiliary type Spirit Masters, and support his sausage abilities using her Nine Treasured Glass Tower, despite the backlash to their bodies it would cause. Hongjun protests that it's a taboo, but Rongrong dismisses him, saying it isn't the time to worry about things like that. With her support ability, Oscar's sausage becomes incredibly powerful, reviving Tang San. Oscar faces heavy backlash from using a boosted support ability.

Tang San stores the Shrek Seven Devils, aside from Rongrong and Oscar, in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. He gives it to Rongrong along with a ship spirit tool, telling her to get everyone to safety while he sacrifices himself to give them time to escape.

Glazed Light

Forbidden Clan Technique - Glazed Light

Rongrong takes on the taboo of the auxiliary system herself by eating Oscar's sausages, boosting her own Nine Treasured Glass Tower. She states that despite watching her friend's face death in battle, she had her own ways of risking her life to save others, and reminisces that the Shrek Seven Devil's are a family. With Oscar's support boost, she unleases the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan's forbidden technique - Glazed Light. Her tower turns brilliant gold, increasing Tang San's attributes exponentially, with equal buffs to the amount of spirit rings he has, at the cost of shortening her lifespan and damaging her soul. Rongrong bleeds heavily from the backlash, collapsing midway, but continues to stack the effects of her support, ultimately increasing all his attributes by 1,500%. Tang San judges his spirit power alone to be close to that of a Titled Douluo under the effects of Glazed Light.

Rongrong collapses into Oscar's arms, heavily injured, and he escapes with all the Seven Devil's, leaving Tang San behind to fight the Whale King to the death.

Purple Pearl Island Edit

Rongrong stays inside the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse with her critically injured teammates after the battle. While Oscar is kidnapped by yet more pirates and unwillingly married to their captain, Zi Zhenzhu, the ritualistic ceremony knocks the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse onto the ground, releasing all the critically injured team members. Rongrong and the others are taken to a doctor, but no one in the Purple Pearl Pirates seems to be able to save their lives.

Later, while Zi Zhenzhu fights the attacking Captain of the Sea Devil, Rongrong wakes up just in time to see a seemingly tender moment between Zi Zhenzhu and Oscar, before passing out again.

Later, Rongrong asks Oscar to explain himself with a beautiful smile and a terrifying aura. He scrambles to earn her forgiveness, serving her fresh tea and waiting on her hand and foot. When details of their "marriage", ritual ceremony, and a wedding bath come out, Rongrong punishes Oscar violently with the other girl's help, while Mubai, Hongjun, and Tang San pay their respects for their fallen brother, not daring to interfere.

The team tries and fails to get information on the route to Sea God Island from Zi Zhenzhu, and Rongrong suggests sending Oscar to try and sympathize and flirt with her to get what they want, since he's apparently quite close with her. Oscar agrees, and drinks with Zi Zhenzhu on a clifftop overlooking the ocean under the full moon, with the Seven Devil's secretly monitoring the situation to save him from possible danger. Unbeknownst to Oscar, he was the one being monitored, not Zhenzhu, and if he'd stepped out of line, Rongrong would have ordered everyone to attack him. When Oscar passes her test and gets the information, she orders all of them to step down and retreat.

Sea God Island Edit

After arriving at Sea God Island, Rongrong bonds with the awakened Xiao Wu, expressing real happiness at her partial recovery.

Rongrong rides on Oscar's back to break through the Seahorse Douluo's domain, earning the right to a specialized trial from the Holy Pillar.


Rongrong praying for a stronger trial than Oscar

After seeing the astonishingly difficult Black Level Holy Pillar Trials given to three previous members of Shrek Academy, the Seahorse Douluo thinks that Rongrong must be terrified she'll get something similar. But when she gets closer, he hears her praying she gets an even harder challenge than everyone else. She earns the highest possible level trial, besides Tang San's specialized Nine Star Saint's Trial, the Seventh Red Level Trial. The Seahorse Douluo is visibly shaken, stating her arrival heralds a new, golden age for Sea God Island. Rongrong is surrounded by holy scarlet light, as she is bestowed with power from the Sea God himself.

Rongrong laughs once she's absorbed the power, saying she already knew her beauty was beyond compare, but she hadn't realized her strength was as well! Oscar falls to the ground in despair, as his Trial was a lower level than hers. The Seahorse Douluo bows to her, saying it's his honor to oversee her trial, and to come to him for anything she might need. He reveals that as long as Rongrong succeeded in her trial, she would become the successor and future leader of Sea God Island.

When citizens of Sea God Island bowed and cheered while lining the streets at Rongrong's arrival, she elegantly walked with her head held high, used to such treatment as a noble daughter. Later, the team arrived at Sea God Temple for the first stage of their respective Trials.

The First Trial - Crossing the Light of the Sea God Edit

For her first trial, Rongrong was given the task to climb 136 steps on the stairway leading to Sea God Temple. She manages to climb through the icy realm permeating the first steps, getting to step 12 on her first try. She's amazed to hear the steps are not a challenge they should defeat right away, but rather a training area they should take advantage of within the one year time limit for the Trial.

It is revealed Rongrong will receive the scepter of the Priestess Bo Saixi after passing her trial, becoming the head of Sea God Temple, leading the entire ocean and managing the temple, with millions of sea citizens under her command. Her power would be on par with Spirit Hall itself.

Later, Rongrong and Zhuqing teach Xiao Wu their cooking skills, resulting in a third terrible cook in their group.

In the Manhua, when Hongjun achieves his final Phoenix transformation, Rongrong comments he's tall and handsome, having grown much more appealing, much to Oscar's dismay. She expresses shock when it's revealed his new appearance is permanent, replacing the old Fatty for good.

Oscar recites poetry to Rongrong on a moonlit terrace, telling her she's become more and more beautiful in the last seven years. Rongrong innocently asks if she's as pretty as Zi Zhenzhu, shooting down his advances.

She participates in pranking Tang San when he lost a bet, when the group tied his hair in odd ways and put on makeup for his performance of the Shrek School Anthem, which was interrupted by an earthquake.

When Tang San was busy absorbing his 100,000 year God Stone, the Nine-Knot Ichthyosaur. Rongrong worries for his safety, but concludes he can handle whatever he puts his mind to. During the months he spends absorbing it, she comforts the distraught Xiao Wu. She, along with the others, is on the verge of trying to help Tang San absorb the stone before being stopped by the Seahorse Douluo.

Rongrong's Collapse

After breaking her ribs, Rongrong collapses

On the last day of their Trial, the group decides to climb the steps together, pooling their strength and knowledge. Rongrong supports the group according to Oscar and Tang San's strategies, through all the dangers of the steps. She breaks three ribs on step 100, but is able to continue on under the protection of Tang San's Deathgod Domain. On step 106, she is again forced to break the support's taboo, and uses her spirit to boost Oscar's food making techniques.

After the other members of Shrek climbed to their required step, Tang San and Rongrong continued on alone, with Tang San carrying Rongrong on his back. The Seven God Children watching the trial comment that Tang San will probably be fine, but Rongrong may not make it to her required step. Under the fiery pressure of the upper steps, Rongrong coughs blood, but she says to continue on using "Plan 15". She uses an incredible expensive Fire-Fixing Bead to endure the heat, and the item breaks after one use.
Rainbow Glazed Lamp

The Man-Made Spirit Bone

It's revealed Rongrong was given many unreasonably expensive treasures by her family for her journey, and she uses them one after another to combat the properties of each step.

But eventually, they reach a step Rongrong's treasures can't combat, and she tells Tang San to leave her behind, since his Trial was the most important of all. She asks him if rebuilding Tang Sect is his dream, and he says yes. She says she cared for Xiao Wu while she was injured, and he says he's very grateful for that. She says her family also funded an enormous amount of building Tang Sect. She then says she secretly took care of his enemies using her power as heiress, and in light of everything she's done as his companion and friend, asks for one single favor in return. To leave her behind, throwing away her future for his own sake. Tang San is deeply affected by her words, and forces himself to leave her behind, fighting his own feelings the entire way.

Rongrong continues on alone, cheered by their friends at the bottom of the steps. She unveils her family's priceless treasure - the Nine Colored Glazed Lamp.

Nine Color Lamp

The Nine Colored Glazed Lamp

The divine grade Nine Colored Glazed Lamp, called the man-made Spirit Bone, was originally intended to be the reward of the Sword Douluo, Chen Xin, for serving the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. He chose to give it up to protect Rongrong on her journey, acknowleding that having her alive was worth more to him than any treasure.

Rongrong remembers her early childhood, when she was a proud little girl in the clan. Her two adopted grandpas, Chen Xin and Gu Rong, worried about her angry expression, and threatened to beat up any child who dared to bully her. Her father said she simply wasn't enjoying school, and went to talk to her as she climbed the spiral stairs encircling their clan's tower. He asked if she needed help, but she angrily retorted she didn't need anyone's help, and she was a big girl. She said she would never need his help.


Seven Years Old

Her father says she scored highest in the language written exam, and also divination. She even scored extremely well in the physical exam, which was her weak point. He asks what she has to be unhappy about. Rongrong yells back that her classmates make fun of her for being rich, saying she only achieves what she does because of her family's help. She hates her high status, and that she must be exceptional because of her birth. The seven year old girl declares she won't need anyone's help from that day forward, and she'll still be stronger than anyone!

Her father humors her, and says he's happy she has such ambitions...but he hopes she'll become a smart person. Rongrong pauses, caught off guard, listening as he continues. He says a smart person won't reject help from family or friends, and while it was good to be able to reach the peak without anyone's help, she didn't need to do that. The one thing she shouldn't do, is be ashamed of her birth. Complaining about being rich was just as counterproductive as complaining about being poor. She shouldn't be ashamed of being rich, or being able to receive help, anymore than someone should be ashamed of being poor or having to rely on themselves.

He tells her not to forget - her starting point was high, but her destination was even higher! A single thread can't form a string, and a single tree can't become a forest. No matter if you're rich or poor, you mustn't be ashamed of receiving help.

Glazed Pagoda

Fighting the Darkness

As she continues to climb the tower alone, her father muses that one day, she would meet companions who would acknowledge her hard work, and support her weakness, and help her create the best possible version of herself. He hopes she'll be brave and accept their help when that time comes...because that is also a commitment.

Tang San Returns

Tang San Returns

On the stairs, Rongrong remembers those words, and realizes she's found those friends. But despite her resolve, her spirit power falters and begins to break. Just as she's about to fail her challenge, Tang San returns with an outstretched hand, apologizing and saying it was just too difficult.

Seventh Red Trial

Rongrong passes the first tier of her Red Level Trial

Rongrong smiles, finally understanding her father's words completely. Accepting the help of a companion was a promise between two people, not an unequal act on one side. She takes his hand, and the two merge their spirit power for one final push.

Rongrong makes the resolution that from that day forward, she wouldn't be afraid of accepting help from others, or of making and keeping promises.

She successfully climbs to step 136, to the cheers of her friends.

After returning to the base of the stairs, she thanks her comrades, for helping her become a better version of herself. Rongrong then passes out, and is caught by Oscar before she hits the ground.

With her first Trial complete, she moves on to the second Trial.

Differences in the Manhua Edit

  • In the Manhua Ning Rongrong uses the Skull Bone received from Shi Nian during the fight against the Spirit Hall Team, whereas in the Light Novel she receives it from Tang San following the conclusion of the match.
  • In the Manhua during the Spirit Hall's attack on Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, she returns to the clan along with Gu Rong.

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