Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan Edit

Ning Fengzhi Edit

Ning Fengzhi is Ning Rongrong's father. Ning Rongrong loves him dearly. She is also somewhat scared of him when he becomes stern. As she is his only daughter she was often spoiled.

Gu Rong Edit

She considers Gu Rong as a grandfather and loves him dearly. She often manipulates him in order to win his affection and receive gifts.

Chen Xin Edit

Just as Gu Rong, she considers Chen Xin as a grandfather as well and loves him dearly. She often pits him against Gu Rong in order to receive gifts. She has great respect for his skills as a Title Douluo.

Shrek Seven DevilsEdit

Oscar Edit

Initially she considers him much as a lackey. However following her personality change, he becomes her first pillar of support. She then begins to view him as a friend. She is aware of his dedication to work hard in order to become worthy of her family. She admires him for it and slowly and gradually falls in love with him. After he leaves her in order to become stronger, she falls deeper in love with him and misses him greatly.

Dai Mubai Edit

At first she was furious at him for knocking her down with his Spirit Power, but following her personality change she becomes to respect his strength and rely on him.

Tang San Edit

To Ning Rongrong, Tang San is the best brother among the Shrek Seven Devils. She greatly values his strength and intelligence. After seeing the potential of the Hidden Weapons, she strikes up a deal with him and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. She has a great amount of trust on him and would follow his words to the letter.

Xiao Wu Edit

Following admission to the Shrek Academy, Xiao Wu becomes Ning Rongrong's roommate. Overtime she and Xiao Wu develops a close bond as close as sisters. Xiao Wu becomes Ning Rongrong's confidante. Ning Rongrong often teases Xiao Wu about her relationship with Tang San.

Zhu Zhuqing Edit

She and Zhu Zhuqing becomes really close friends overtime. She along with Xiao Wu is a bit envious of her curvaceous figure.

Ma Hongjun Edit

She usually tends to stay clear of Ma Hongjun due to his vulgar nature and often insults him. However she considers him as a close friend and a reliable teammate.