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He has steel needle like grizzled short hair with a ruddy face, a pair of bell sized eyes bright and full of expression and extremely broad shoulders. Even though the robes he wear are very spacious, his build is filled with incomparable power and grandeur that are still visible in his movements.


Niu Gao has a stubborn nature and does not like to give in to others easily. He has a solid code of conduct and cares a great deal about his friends.


Tang Sect[]

Defense Clan[]

Niu Gao acts as the host for a reunion of the former four subsidiary clans of Clear Sky Clan. He enthusiastically greets Tai Tan who had arrived a few days early and immediately brings him along with the others to drink and party. He notices the deference showed by Tai Long to Tang San and immediately inquires his identity. When Tang San reveals himself to be the son of Tang Hao, he immediately becomes angry.

He accepts Tang San's challenge for 3 strikes each using only their spirit power without dodging the attacks. Tang San unleashes the first attack, which hardly contains any power at all causing Niu Gao to despise him. He then unleashes 30% of his power on his first attack and is surprised when Tang San manages to endure it without moving a step. He then receives the second attack rather absent mindedly having underestimated Tang San causing him to retreat 3 steps following the attack. He thus in rage unleashes 70% of his spirit power on his second attack causing Tang San to fall back by 10 steps. Niu Gao then proclaims if Tang San manages to make him step back more than 3 steps with his final attack, he would dissolve the Defence Clan's enmity with Clear Sky Clan and Tang Hao. He gets ready to take on the final attack but becomes nervous when Tang San builds up to use the Disorder Wind Splitting Method. He uses his spirit power to receive the final attack and is blasted through a wall and thus admits his defeat. He is shocked after learning Tang San's Spirit Rank as well as the fact that he has twin spirits and a 100,000 year ring.

Afterwards Huyan Zhen and four other spirit sages from the Elephant Armored Clan arrive, asking for the Defense Clan to join them. Niu Gao becomes angry at the suggestion, reminding him that it was Spirit Hall who forced them into their current state and promptly refuses his offer. After Huyan Zhen leaves, Niu Gao joins the Tang Sect following some encouraging words from Tang San and Tai Tan.

Speed Clan[]

Next evening he welcomes Bai He and eleven other disciples from the Speed Clan. He mentions about his confrontation with Huyan Zhen and how he is moving to Heaven Dou City due to the circumstances.

After Tang San manages to exhibit his prowess and the match of speed between Tang San and Bai He ends up in a draw, Tai Tan and Niu Gao reveal their intention to join Tang Sect and their hope that all the 4 clans would join into Tang Sect.

Breaking Clan[]

After Yang Wudi arrives, he greets him. When Yang Wudi proposes to establish a clan, he states that he has already agreed to join Tang Sect. When Yang Wudi realizes Tang San is Tang Hao's son and battles him, Niu Gao spectates with the others. He becomes worried when the battle becomes very serious but is relieved when Tang San manages to win. After Yang Wudi agrees to join Tang Sect, he along with his clansman move to Heaven Dou Empire to establish Tang Sect. Niu Gao along with Tai Tan takes measures to improve and fortify the Strength Clan base thus forming the headquarters of Tang Sect.

After Tang San returns from visiting Gengxin City, the elders and the Shrek Devils have their first meeting. Tang San expresses to abolish the different clans and make Tang Sect become one single entity. He then makes Niu Gao the master of Defense Hall, in charge of sect's defense and all construction responsibilities.


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