One-Horned Tyrant Dragon
One-Horned Tyrant Dragon 2
Name One-Horned Tyrant Dragon
Type Beast Spirit Type

Description Edit

One-Horned Tyrant Dragon is a variant spirit of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, similar to that of Fire Dragon. One-Horned Tyrant Dragon changes the body constitution to that of a dragon giving immunity to fire and explosive strength.

Users Edit

Abilities Edit

Red Scale Armor Edit

This is Huo Wushuang's 1st Spirit Ring ability which covers his entire body with a layer of deep red scales forming an armor around his body.

One-Horned Tyrant Dragon Transformation Edit

This is Huo Wushuang 3rd Spirit Ring ability which changes his appearance with harp claws appearing hands, body swelling, golden red light erupting from scales, his whole body erupts with raging flames giving a considerable boost in explosive power.

Fire Dragon Edit

This is Huo Wushuang's 5th Spirit Ring ability which unleashes Fire Dragons capable of attacking the opponents according to his will.

Trivia Edit

  • In the manhua it´s called "One-Horned T.Rex"

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