Orangutan 4
Name Orangutan
Type Beast Spirit Type

Description Edit

Orangutan is a beast spirit which converts the body, producing long arms, and fur covering the body. Orangutan beast spirit has a wide reach and is a strength type spirit.

Users Edit

Abilities Edit

Strength Amplification Edit

This is Tai Nuo's 1st Spirit Ring ability which amplifies his strength.

Strength Condensation Edit

This is Tai Nuo's 2nd Spirit Ring ability which condenses his strength thus enabling him to release his strength more precisely while also amplifying the effects of his 1st Spirit Ring.

Root of Strength Edit

Tai Nuo's 3rd Spirit Ring ability allows him to stomp on the ground to create fissures in the ground.

Force Quake Edit

Tai Nuo's 4th Spirit Ring ability is used by smashing both hands on the ground causing the ground to cave in over a diameter of 30 meters.

Giant Bursting Strength Edit

This is Tai Long's 5th Spirit Ring ability which increases his strength.

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