Origin Energy Immortal Grass
Name Origin Energy Immortal Grass
Also Known As
Type Immortal Herb

Spirit Beast

Description Edit

It’s the greatest treasure that can increase the spirit power of humans. Nothing can beat the effects it has on spirit power enhancement. Also, it can aid you in compressing your spirit power and condensing your soul core. Apart from that, it has no other special attributes. The Origin Energy Immortal Grass is relatively gentler. However, it’s quite hardy, and it won’t be easy to subdue it.

Its origin energy lineage is different from all of others Immortal Herbs. It is able to take a human form without the need to endure divine punishment after one hundred thousand years, and it will only face its first god’s punishment when it reach one hundred and fifty thousand years.

History Edit

In Soul Land III, Xu Lizhi took it in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. After, it became the his Spirit Soul.

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